Winter Footwear Guide 2019

Winters are officially here, and while we are shivering away, we are also acutely aware of how one should be properly covered up from head to toe, not to let the chills get to them.
So, here we are, again, with a blog that especially focuses on the best footwear for the winter season. Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest that you wear slippers with socks when you go out!!
These ought to be your new favorite footwear for winter. As they come in various materials like suede and leather, we can assure you that you will be safe from the brunt of winter ’19.
STYLE TIP: Wear a mini skirt and a leather jacket with your knee-length boots. We know that this sounds absurd, but this outfit is warmer than it looks. Plus, you get to look sassy and edgy like you have always wanted to look even in winter.

Knee length Boots
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Do we really need to remind you that this winter footwear is quite possibly the best footwear EVER? Wear comfy socks and slip your feet into either white or black ankle-length boots, and you will be done for the day.
STYLE TIP: Always wear ankle-length boots on pants or leggings that show the boots in their entirety. Never let your jeans or pants sag around the boots. It will, unfortunately, hide the poise that these boots mean to give you.

Winter Footwear Ankle Boots
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We know we are bleating on about boots, but what can we say? We’re obsessed with all types! While you may think that ankle boots and combat boots are the same, there’s a noticeable difference. Ankle boots can have a bit of heel in them, but combat boots are chunky, close to the ground, and borderline edgy.
STYLE TIP: Always try to wear your black combat boots with light-colored pants. It will give attention to both elements of your outfit. It also looks great with minimal dresses and gives it a grunge contrast.

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Winter Footwear Combat Boots
Image Source: Instagram (thestreetvibe)

We could go on and on about the efficacy of sneakers in winters. They can be SO cozy and chic. They come in all colors, and so, you have the opportunity to style them. However, you want.
STYLE TIP: The beauty of white sneakers will be brought out when you wear them with long coats that are knee-length or a lot longer than that. So, shop for or bring out that pristine white coat from your closet NOW!

Winter Footwear Sneakers
Image Source: Instagram(thestreetvibe)

This winter footwear option is for when you are in your house, and you must do some household chores. What do you do? You put on the fluffiest socks and then push your feet into a pair of cheap bellies. It is not just a tad fashionable but also saves you from freezing one or all of your toes off!
STYLE TIP: If you’ve worn one of designer long kurtis and wish to wear ethnic footwear with it, then wear skin-colored socks with your neutral-colored bellies!
No, the fashion police will not corner you if you go out wearing heels with socks. These days, this trend has become popular and highly fashionable.
STYLE TIP: Wear lace ankle socks with your heels. Pair this winter-friendly footwear with a long dress that requires you to wear a trench coat over it!

Heels with Socks Winter Footwear
Image Source: Instagram (thestreetvibe)

This was our list of the best possible winter footwear that will be efficient and stylish in winter. We hope that you can incorporate some or all of these footwear into your daily-life and party-life!

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