Winter Wonderland: Winter Trends 2019 that will take the spotlight this season

Winter Wonderland: Winter Trends 2019 that will take the spotlight this season.

Winter is almost here, and your blankets are coming out of the attic one by one. A cup of tea is starting to sound more like a luxury, and cuddling is becoming a necessity. 

Because winter is about to wrap us in her cold arms for a while, we thought a blog dedicated to the best and most practical fashion trends would be the aptest way to start a season that not very many people are fond of. 

To distract you from the coldness, we want to put you in the best winter ensembles so that you can go out and about proudly and cozily. Read on to truly comprehend what winter trends to follow starting from November 2019.


Puffy jackets are cool, and all but faux fur coats are even better. They are comfortable and cover the back of your thighs from the diabolical evening winter wind and, the furry, disco collar helps to protect your neck from the cold too! These coats are available in all sorts of vibrant colors and look best when paired with white sneakers. If you are not a fan of a diverse color palette, choose a white or black faux fur coat that envelops you inside its furry, fuzzy embrace. 

Faux Fur Jacket Winter Trends 2019
Image Source: Marie Claire

2. 3…2…1 TONE!

Tonal dressing is making a comeback. What is it, you ask? Tonal dressing refers to wearing warm, pastel shades from head to toe. This winter trend allows you to look conspicuous instead of blending you into the crowd with the others. 

Think of a pink turtleneck with a pink leather skirt paired with pink sneakers. How chic and elegant would this outfit make you look? Drape a pink faux fur coat on this attire when you go out. The monochromatic tendency of tonal dressing is what sets it apart from the usual black and white turtleneck. 

Monochrome Fashion Winter Trends 2019
Image Source: Streetrends (Instagram)


Chunky necklaces are a thing of the past because we are back to the trend of layering necklaces on our turtlenecks. Even with bracelets and rings for women, you can wear them all at once in the same color tones but with different designs. 

Make sure that you do not overdo this winter trend, though. It’s important to strike a balance and symmetry with whichever rings or bracelets you choose to wear. Imagine a horde of bling sitting grandly on the sleeve of your sweater-stylish, noticeable, and trendy! 

Layered Necklaces
Image Source: Streetrends (Instagram)


We’ve already mentioned the one-tone dressing winter trend of 2019 in this article. However, this winter trend of 2019 is for people who want an adventurous wardrobe. These two-toned, dress coupled with black, chunky hiker boots, will contribute to your attire tremendously. These two-toned dresses are not outlandish, yet it makes a statement. So, you may throw on a leather jacket over the dress; it will not deteriorate your overall look. If you are prone to shivering more than the others, wear black leggings underneath your two-toned dress, coordinate the colour of your leggings with the dress and make it look amazing!

Two Toned Dress Winter Trends 2019
Image Source: Marie Claire

5. THE Maxi skirts 

And, you’re sitting there saying to yourself-“How did I not think of that?” If you really put some thought into it, you’ll know that maxi skirts are SO practical for days when it’s a bit nippy with intervals of warm sunlight. Maxi skirts are best for formal events that are being held indoors during the winter season. 

Winter Trends 2019 experts recommend choosing maxi skirts that have extraordinary designs like flowers or geometric figures on them. They also say that “more is always more.” So, go for the most brazen and most colorful maxi skirts that also have a flare to them.

Pair them with a black top with full, net sleeves, and black stilettos. These additions will make your maxi skirt look more wholesome and not bizarre in any way. 

Maxi Skirt Winter Trends 2019
Image Source: Pinkvilla


Last but not least, leather pants! They are one of the most functional garment from the Winter Trends 2019, leg-hugging pants that make you feel confident and sassy! Pair them with black, high-heeled boots and a grey sweater. Other than this, there are various silhouettes options nowadays in Leather pants, which are more on the comfortable side if you are not up for the leg-hugging ones. One can try the paper bag waist pants tapered at the ankle for a more formal setting.

Leather Pants Winter Trends 2019
Image Source: Streetrends (Instagram)

This was our list of top Winter Trends 2019. You may not have tried some of these trends before, but now is your chance. We, at Tistabene, like it when our customers and readers go out in style and come back home with compliments, not regrets, over their attires. Be one of them and closely follow 2019’s most famous winter trends only on Tistabene’s blog. 


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