Caution List for the Winter Wedding Season 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts for The Winter Wedding Season

There are so many guidelines on the internet telling you what to DO during the Winter Wedding Season. Hence, we thought we would spice things up and tell you what NOT to do during the wedding season of 2019. 

You could be the bride’s sister, the groom’s mum or the bride herself! No matter who is reading this blog, we have an inclusive and useful tip for everyone!


If you are invited to the wedding as a guest, there are high chances you might be invited to the events leading up to the big night/day as well. So, we can only suggest that you choose your outfits and artificial jewellery collection at least three weeks before the main day. Make sure that you are also up to date with a theme party included in the invitation.


We already realize how trivial and shallow this tip might make us sound. Still, our tip is: don’t let your Instagram profile suffer by over-sharing pictures and videos of the Sangeet Dance, the wedding Baarat, or the Bachelorette party Boomerangs.

Give the world time to adjust to your Instagram posts. No one will stick around if you post photo after photo within a difference of 5 minutes between each post.


If you are the bride, DO NOT wear full-length dresses. Opt for a dress with a short hemline as you will have Mehendi applied on your feet as well. We would also advise you against wearing gowns that have full-length sleeves because duh! The Mehendi could ruin your clothes, and your clothes could ruin your Mehendi. If your gown has a heavy hemline, chances are you could trip, and we don’t want that to happen either! So a gown is a NO-NO. Take a cue from the upcoming movie Pati, Patni and Woh star Ananya Pandey donning an Anarkali without the bottom ,and it is sleeveless too.

Ananya Pandey Celebrity style
Image Source: Instagram (Ananya Pandey)


It’s the winter wedding season. But that also means that a winter wedding is not necessarily going to be held inside at all times. So, stock up on your parkas and puffy jackets. We know, we know! Even we can imagine the chills running down your body at the thought of ruining and hiding your scintillating Lehenga from the world’s eye. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? You don’t want to spend the entire wedding season’19 locked up in your room, chained to the bed, sneezing your days and nights away. 

STYLE TIP: You will remember us when you adopt this style tip. The faux fur stole is an arm candy and one fashion item that you need to have this Winter Wedding Season that will elevate any run of the mill Wedding Outfit into luxe wear. 

Incorporate Velvet while shopping for outfits, it will not only keep you warm but will also give you a regal look, and this material is so in vogue.


We know that sweets in the wedding season become unreasonably tempting. You just can’t resist them, can you? 

But there’s bliss in ignorance. However, if ignoring that bowl of Rasmalai is too much for you, nosh on it while you can and then vow to work out and go on a detox diet for a week before and after the Winter Wedding season. 

Fruits like oranges and apples or vegetables like spinach, carrots, and tomatoes do wonders for the skin and the body, in general. 


According to the Marie Claire website, every bride and her best friend should start doing their makeup at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before any event. We also recommend a bride should always get a test session done for her makeup before the wedding. Your makeup can make or break your photos.

REMINDER: Highlight your features, and don’t let your pretty face hide behind layers of makeup.

Bridal MakeupIf you thought the grooms could get away with makeup, you are mistaken. Regular hydration and moisturisation is the key here to make your face glowing for the big day. And, a little bit of concealer won’t harm to hide those results of sleepless nights. So, Grooms, DON’T shy away from makeup.

Karthik Aryan Celebrity Style
Image Source: Instagram (GQ India)


We say it like it is. Wedding season flies by before you know it. But the time before it is important as well. Grooming is as significant as it is life-changing both for the bride and groom. Get yourself an appointment with a dermatologist and take good care of that skin. It does not matter whether you are the bride or not; you should have had an up-to-date haircut at least 20 days before the wedding ceremonies start, an elegant mani-pedi, and a thorough waxing done, no questions asked. You DESERVE to look good, so don’t slack for your grooming.

Grooming before Winter Wedding Season8. DON’T GET (TIP)SY…Get it?

We know that some people stock up on alcohol very enthusiastically when there is a wedding around the corner. We also know that it is easy to get swept away after one shot or five. 

But like any other caring friend, we are here to TELL you NOT TO drink TOO much because we don’t want you to have ‘HUNGOVER’ written all over your face, and we don’t want you to be dehydrated and tired during the very many wedding ceremonies. 

So, keep that water bottle close and don’t mix your alcohol! 

Chances are you already knew what to do during the winter wedding days, but this list endeavors to help you remember what NOT to do and how to be prepared. We hope it helps! 



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