Zodiac Constellation Collection

Our Fixation With Constellations: Revealing Tistabene’s Newest Collection ‘Starlit’.

Constellation jewellery will look like poetry on your neck. This is why we take extreme pride in introducing the Summer 2019 Zodiac Constellation Pendant Jewellery- ‘Starlit’ collection to our Tistanene customers and to those who are about to become Tistabene customers when they see what we have in store.

This collection mainly aims to pay homage to the stars that we marvel at when night falls. We decided to pair astrology, astronomy, and jewellery-designing, and this is what came out of the creative process.

Now, you will have no reason to be envious of how beautiful these clusters of stars are because you will be wearing one on your neck itself. This astro-themed jewellery will definitely let you reach the stars…LITERALLY!

The Sun passes through all the 12 zodiac constellations at least once a year. But don’t worry, your constellation will stay safe from the heat of the Sun as you will be able to keep it near and dear to your heart.

The reason why we decided to uncover a jewellery collection that is related to zodiac signs is that we like to relate to our customers. We can take an excellent guess at how many of our customers religiously follow their horoscopes by their Zodiac signs. This is why we wanted to create jewellery that is for YOU and “looks good on you.” Yup, we never miss a chance to repeat our tagline. Don’t blame us, it looks good on us too!

When it comes to the products in our collection, we would like to tell you that we have plenty of pendant necklaces that are handmade and represent constellations and zodiac signs like Libra and Gemini.

They were made with love and expertise. The necklaces come with a sturdy gold chain that constitutes little diamonds signifying the random shapes of stars that make constellations.

These pieces are so tempting that even we want to get our hands on them. Do you know how some people like to wear a piece of jewellery, always and forever? We think these pieces might be it!

The best part about this collection is that it is not only trendy, but it also represents who you are and how you have a sincere belief in something as underrated and misunderstood as astrology.

The pendant will sparkle on your skin, and when you look up at the sky, you will thank and remember Tistabene as it will appreciate and remember you.

Shop the collection here.


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