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Navratri is a big festive occasion celebrated in India. Navratri goes on for nine full nights, and people worship nine different avatars or forms of goddess Durga within these nine days. It is a significant festival in Northern parts of India, especially Gujarat and Rajasthan. Out of the two Navratris celebrated in a year, this Navratri is a major festival and is also known as 'Sharad Navratri.' Navratri is celebrated on the onset of seasonal change; it is celebrated twice a year once at the beginning of summer and second at the onset of winter. Goddess Shakti embodies nature, and it is said that she as nature undergoes changes during the seasonal transition, so does Goddess Shakti.

Durga pooja or pujo is a significant festival of Bengalis which is also celebrated during this period. Goddess Durga means- the one who removes miseries. So, during Durga Pooja Goddess Durga is worshipped with grand festivities so that she can take away all the miseries of her devotees.

Why You Should Buy Navratri Special Jewellery Online?

In Gujarat and other north-western parts of the countries, along with worshipping the goddess they also indulge in Garba and Dandiya. These dance forms are also folk dances of Gujarat; it is a major riot of colours and festivities during Navratri in Gujarat. Women and men dress up in colourful and extravagant costumes for Garba and Dandiya. Navratri jewellery is a must-have with the colourful costumes. Especially for Garba and Dandiya people indulge in Navratri oxidised jewellery online. Navratri special jewellery comprises oxidised silver navratri jewellery set which is made of brass and is given the look of old silver. Some navratri special jewellery or navratri garba jewellery is also made of colourful pom poms and tassels with shells and beaded work.

Tistabene offers latest Navratri jewellery set in its collection named 'Navdurga' which comprises Navratri necklace, Navratri earrings, and other Navratri special oxidised jewellery. This jewellery is special for the occasion as it is made with skillful craftsmanship, and it is designed with intricate details that will make anyone stand out. Navratri jewellery online shopping is secure with Tistabene because we deliver the products carefully, and we provide secure payment gateways.

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