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Anti Pollution Face Masks for Men & Women Both


Corona virus is a deadly virus, a tiny mistake might be proven very dangerous. So to keep safe you and your family, everyone needs to be very careful. As we know the guidelines released by government and WHO that how to be stay safe and healthy in this pandemic.

Many people are still not aware about the proper guidelines of govt to work in the office. To know the guidelines of govt at workplace, read here and if you want to know everything about COVID-19 / Corona, then please govt official site.

It’s been very long time that our work and personal life is affected but we need to continue our life because time doesn’t stop. Economy is also going downwards very rapidly, so to fight with corona and economy crisis, we have to take some serious precautions. Everyone should use face mask every time you go out and at work place. Use sanitizer after every 60 minutes or when you come in contact with anyone or touch anything. If you don’t have sanitizer then no worries at all, you can also use normal soap to wash your hands for 20 seconds.

You can buy anti pollution masks online or from local store nearby you.


Face Mask Online Shopping in India from Corona Virus Protection

Now we have understood that this situation will go for quite a long time, so why don’t we buy designer and better face mask. You can buy face mask for men and face mask for women as well from Tistabene which you can use at home when gather with family and also use in office.