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Buy Designer Hair Clips in India


It is the season of designer hair clips and it always will be. Allow Tistabene to pay a beautiful homage to Rajasthani jewellery-the jewellery that is graceful, poised and elegant. The jewellery that is not just native to Rajasthan anymore. Its’ trend has spread around the world. People across the globe are fans of it and replicate the intricate Rajasthani look with a lot of joy and zeal.

When we say girls hair clips, we don’t mean the ones that millennial put in their hair these days. No, it’s far from it, those designer hair clips are different from the ones we are showcasing on Tistabene’s website. Because, ours are more traditional and our artisans tend to pay a lot of attention to the design.


Why Tistabene is Best for Girls Hair Clips?

Tistabene’s hair clips online are also called ‘matha patti’ which is essentially the Hindi name of hair clips. Women’s matha patti and maang tikka online go hand in hand. Both create the impression of women wearing a crown of some sort on their heads. And, when you, wear a dupatta with this pair of jewellery, then voila! You look like the most beautiful person in the room. It could be the bride or her mum, whatever look it is that you have.

Our yellow-gold matha patti is one of a kind. The ‘zoom’ feature on Tistabene website provides you with a closer look at the specialty of the piece and you will then, become eager to buy our jewellery after you have thoroughly inspected it.

Our small line of traditional Rajasthani matha patti ranges from heavy to light. Our collection would be appropriate for a girl or woman who has been looking for hair clips online India but has not been able to find ones that are attractive, antique and appealing. Our collection would be perfect for a girl or woman who has her sister’s or her brother’s wedding coming up, It would be apt for when they have a heavy lehenga to wear to one of the wedding functions.

The best part about these Rajasthani matha patti is that they are multi-colored. So, no fuss about matching and non-matching.

So, don’t wait for anything or anyone to tell you that Tistabene’s traditional hair clips are some of the best, chic and most exclusive! Because they are and you know it!

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