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Borla Maang Tikka Online Shopping India

Coming from Rajasthani tradition and worn traditionally since the times when Rajputs ruled the land. Borla maang tikka has been adorned since ages. Earlier, women used to wear borla maang tikka at home also but now it is considered as one of the important elements for any occasion. In fact, apart from Rajasthan, borlas just like other rajathani artificial jewellery, have been able to spread their magic spell throughout the country.

Paving its way through past to now, these jewels have flawlessly met the demands and are doing so till now. Especially, the collection by Tistabene, which is unique, subtle and elegant in every way. The borla maang tikka designs curated for these draw their inspiration from those worn by the queens from past decade.

It is definitely a suggestion for you to purchase borla maang tikka online from this online jewellery store India because as compared to the market, we have a team of professional designers with years of experience to nurture your requirements for any day. Our borla maang tikka designs online are all about a fusion of traditional and modern, all ready to catch everyone’s eye.