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Chic Online Mangalsutra Set

Mangalsutra is the precious ornament that a woman keeps the closest to her heart. It is the assurance from her husband to be with her throughout her life. In Mangalsutra, “Mangal” means auspicious and “Sutra” means thread or cord. Thus, it stands for sacred thread or cord that stands as an important ritual of the Hindu marriages where the groom ties it around the neck of his wife.

A mangalsutra is usually made up of black and gold beaded necklace with a gold or diamond pendant in centre.  In this, gold is said to be in the form of Deity Shakti and the structure of stringed black beads is in the form of Deity Shiva. It is an ornament that attracts Divine Principle in highest proportion. Through this, a woman is gains energy of Action, Knowledge and Desire.

The importance of this particular ornament in a woman’s life is incomprehensible. Our designer Mangalsutra for Women is available in Floral, Traditional, Contemporary and Classic designs that can prove to be a perfect gift for your wife. Such unique designs available in oxidized gold, rhodium, yellow gold and two tones is simply going to steal your heart. The designs and patterns showcase an inexplicable blend of beauty and royalty.

Another positive aspect of buying Mangalsutra Set online from Tistabene is that we have all the pieces available in sets meaning that along with the Mangalsutra neckpiece; we also provide its matching earrings at affordable and fair prices.

Buy Mangalsutra online to accomplish the best married look!