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Boost your Confidence with Ball Chains


Chains are the most visible and stylish elements of men's fashion. As all it takes is a thin strand of silver or gold plated chain to instantly boost confidence. Once you become used to that subtle bit of bling then you can show out from under your collar and you’ll practically never take it off. The men’s chains come in different design and shapes such as designer ball chains, which are versatile and can match anything from elegant attire to casual ones.

Ball chains are created with tiny metal balls, which are connected with a metallic wire. The balls are intertwined internally and a connecting wire is fixed to make the chain. The tiny ball which constitutes the chain has two-minute antipodal holes.

The balls in the chain are usually hollow to minimize the metal weight as well as the cost of crafting the chain. But a lot of men prefer balls to be solid as it adds value and strength to the chain. Moreover, the linking method allows the ball to spin freely and it makes the chain more flexible than the traditional links chains.

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