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Wear Bullet Back Cufflinks for Professional Look 


Cufflinks are among the few pieces of accessories that men can wear in a professional setting. So, if you are a modern style-conscious gentleman then you should know when and how to don a pair and make a style statement. Not only they look great, but they keep your cuffs stylish and secure. 

Unlike standard cuffs found on the vast majority of collared shirts, bullet back cufflinks are categorized by a smaller cylinder that is usually set between two short bars and is flipped 90 degrees to secure. This is a highly popular cufflink among menswear because of their functionality and ease of use. 

Moreover, mens cufflinks help men dress with ease and in style. Also, instead of buttoning the sleeves closed, you can thread your links through the holes where the buttons would normally be in order to fasten the cuffs. So, make sure you choose the right kind of cufflink as the choice of the cufflink speaks a lot about the personality.

At Tistabene, our wide collection of cufflinks for men features an unbeatable range of options. Browse through an all-inclusive collection of options in corporate, ethnic, style icon, modern, and coloured stones. Classic, contemporary, and technology are some of the patterns that you can consider. 

The leading online jewellery shopping portal, Tistabene offers a plethora of accessory designs for mens cufflinks. It offers bullet back cufflinks in black rhodium, rhodium, and yellow gold plating. You can view cufflinks with price options and stock up on many affordable varieties.