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Sport Dog Tags Pendants


Dog tag pendants were first used by the military personnel and the soldiers for identification. These mens pendants are identical to the collar tags that are given to dogs. The tags are of immense importance in the military as they help in identifying the wound and other essential things of the soldiers. However, their usage is not restricted to the armed forces. They have become popular among the men of all ages. 

While military dog tags have specific requirements about shape, information and how they should be worn, stylish dog tags are found in different variations. This pendant design has become a style statement for men. Dog tag pendants are mostly worn on ball chains- metal beaded necklaces. A more stylish and ornate tag can be worn on a gold or silver plated chain. Leather or stainless steel is another option for suspending dog tags and can be found in multiple colours. 

One of the best things about dog tag pendants is that they are customizable and they are often used by youth groups, bridal parties, and corporate promotional items. A single tag can accommodate four to six lines of text depending on its size, and there is no end to how personalized a tag can be. You can wear these pendants with a pair of your favourite jeans and T-shirt. 

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