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Here’s presenting personalized jewellery by Tistabene


It is true. Tistabene is happy to announce that it has finally rolled out the option for its customers to buy customized jewellery. As you know, our tagline narrates that our products look good on you. And, if we have provided you with the option of personalized jewellery in India, then they will DEFINIYELY look good on you.

Why is that, though? What does customized jewellery do that designer jewellery doesn’t? After all, designer jewellery for men and women is a general crowd-pleaser. No one can deny the beauty of it.

However, personalized jewellery in India is one step ahead of any other type of jewellery. Since it is customized, it has a highly personal touch to it and the customer is able to feel like they have contributed to their jewellery in some way.

It’s as if they are creating their own magic potion. A dash of creativity and a pinch of intimacy and voila! Then, Tistabene will be able to provide you with the customized jewellery online you require and desire. This experience of creating personalized jewellery by Tistabene is also akin to creating a painting. It is the painter (in this case, you) who has absolute control over what will go on and what the final canvass will look like.

This way, you won’t even have any complaints because you will get exactly what you asked for. This is a win-win situation, really. Many a times, we would like jewellery that has been made to suit our standards. And, there are also times when we are unequivocally picky about what kind of bracelets we would like to wear or the kind of pendants we would like to see on our necks.

That’s not all. When it comes to personalized jewellery gifts for her and him, you don’t have to worry because Tistabene has your back. In this case, all you need to know is what your partner likes and how they like it. If they would like a piece of customized jewellery with their name on it, we got you. If they would like YOUR (their partner) name or their pet dog’s name on it, then we got you as well

The level of creativity that goes into creating customized jewellery online India knows no bounds. And, you as a customer only need a steady connection of the internet, the Tistabene website and your imagination accompanied by vision. In the end, you will have the personalized jewellery you imagined and we will radiate satisfaction after delivering what we promised.

It would be a good time to mention that if an event that demands that you buy someone a personalized gift is approaching, Tistabene will deliver to your house. We don’t just boast of delivering high-quality personalized jewellery. We also deliver on time!

There could be a million reasons as to why you would need personalized jewellery. And, it does not matter if you do not want to gift it to anyone, you can gift this customized jewellery to yourself. One always like to see their name written in beautiful cursive on a piece of men’s or women’s jewellery. Therefore, Tistabene’s personalized jewellery option will also work for those who like giving gifts to themselves. We’re not judging because we are all about that self-love!

So, which customized jewellery products does Tistabene have?

Glad you asked. While customized jewellery in India is available on many, many websites, we’d like to focus on what Tistabene has in store.

When it comes to our customized name pendants, we have 9 styles in which you can buy them. It all depends on your mood, budget and aesthetics’ preference. If you would like a customized name pendant in Hindi or a personalized pendants in curvy script, you will find it all on Tistabene’s website.

It would be foolish to think that personalized name pendants are outmoded. No, they are not and as far as we know, they never will be. It’s because their charm will never die down. As we said, there is something special about personalized name pendants. You own these name pendants not only because you paid for them but also because they tell you and the world who you are. It establishes one’s identity in the most graceful way. Personalized pendants India will be right for you. We just know it.

Also, we deal in personalized bracelets. If a personalized name pendant is too much for you, dial it down with our personalized bracelets. Our personalized bracelets in India come in 5 different themes. If you would like your name engraved in Hindi on a classy bracelet for women, then have it that way.

If you would like to see your name in a studded and dazzling form, do so by all means. Even our back-to-school cursive name bracelet has the potential to become your next buy because of its simplistic beauty.

Tistabene’s personalized name bracelets are out-of-the-box jewellery that allow you to feel confident in your own skin. You know your name, you can speak it without faltering but you also know how to wear it in the form of jewellery.

For the married women out there, we also have personalized Mangalsutras that will intensity the romance between the newlywed couples. The one theme that our personalized name mangalsutra has is that of the bride’s and groom’s name with a heart between them.

Consider a customized name mangalsutra as the cherry on top of a cake. And, imagine your husband gifting a personalized name mangalsutra to you. This gesture will prove that they not only care about the bond that you share but they’re also ready to walk that extra mile for you. A personalized mangalsutra is for the most romantic couples out there. We hope that you can handle the cuteness of our personalized mangalsutras if you are one too.

Customize jewellery today

How? It is easier than you’d think. After choosing the font and/or theme of the personalized jewellery, all you have to do is input your name or the name of the person you are gifting the jewellery to and then choose the plating (gold, rose-gold, silver) and then the chain length. Like we said, the process to create personalized jewellery in India is easier now, thanks to Tistabene. Shop today!

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