Call them trousers, slacks or pants all mean the same. Undoubtedly, you will find a pair of pants in every man’s wardrobe. A pair of pants can just make your entire look formal, giving you the perfect attire to attend any business meeting. A pair of formal pants for men with a perfect color shirt that suits the pants and you are good to go.

You can also use pants to create a casual look. One can easily create a casual look by wearing pants that are made up of denim- jeans. Want to attend a Saturday office look but want to keep it casual? Then grab your casual pants for men and a shirt and you are ready.

You can wear pants from the waist to anywhere between your knees and ankle. To be more precise, one should know that shorts do come in the category of pants, hence you can also call shorts as short pants. To distinguish between shorts and pants, pants are often called long trouser pants for men. 

Difference between casual wear and formal wear

Pants play a vital role in creating any look. They can simply make you look like a fool if you opt for pants that do not suit the event.

You should know some differences between casual and formal wear and for which occasion you should go watch which look. 

  • What are they-You can easily create an everyday look also known as a casual look using casual pants for men. On the other hand when we talk about formal wear it simply means opting an outfit for special events.
  • Occasions-You can go for a casual look, when you are planning to go for night outs, parties, trips etc.Whereas you can go for a formal look on events such as ceremonial events, weddings, office meetings etc.
  • Clothing -You can wear t-shirts, jeans, printed shirts, mens casual cargo pants, etc. to create a casual look.One can wear dress shirts, solid shirts, suits, formal pants, etc. for creating a formal look.
  • Shoes- Shoes really do play an important role in deciding you look. If you want a casual look then simply go for sneakers, slippers, loafers. But want a formal look then go for shoes that are high quality leather shoes, lace up shoes, etc.
  • Material- You will notice that most of the casual wear is made from jersey, cotton, denim, polyester material etc. also cargo pants for men, are usually made from cotton or cotton wool blend. Whereas when we see the formal wear, it is made from material like velvet, satin, brocade etc.

Well to buy the right pair of pants it is really important to know their types. Below are some varieties in pants you definitely need to know.

Pants that will definitely compliment you look for different occasion

1.Cargo pants:

cargo pants for men

As we all know cargo pants are really handy, as they come with many pockets that will help you in keeping many items. Usually many of us save these pants for trekking, or hangouts etc. but cargo pants for men can be worn everywhere if styled correctly.  But remember to choose pants that fit your body style. You can simply style these pants with a tucked in t-shirt with a pair of sneakers and you are good to go.

2. Ankle length pants:

mens pants

Ankle length pants for men are pants that are up till the ankle. These pants will help you create both a casual as well as a semi-formal look. For a casual or informal look go with ankle length pants along with a printed shirt, to make it more fashionable wear it over a t-shirt.

For creating a semi-formal look you can simply wear these pants with a solid shirt with the perfect pair of shoes and you are good to go.

3. Twill trousers:

trousers for men

You will find that these trouser pants for men are diagonally weaved, dressier than jeans but more casual than chinos. Style these trousers with a printed t-shirt along with the best of your sneakers and you will look so stunning.

4. Cotton trousers:

trousers for men

These trousers initially had no room for them in any man's wardrobe. But the designers as we all know love to play around and create new things. They simply gave them a new look by replacing the shapeless cuts with more tapered and modern legline that compliments every body shape. Their length is till the ankle. These ankle length pants for men will make you look dapper when styles with a plain t-shirt along with sneakers. 

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