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Neckties have been a staple part of clothing in every man’s wardrobe. To make any of your ceremonial looks more stunning, put on a tie and you are good to go.  A tie is basically a piece of cloth that is wrapped around your neck and simply draped down the chest. You can as well gift mens tie sets as a gift to your loved ones. Men usually prefer ties for their formal office look or for other ceremonial events, like weddings or cocktail parties. Ties really do go well if they are worn with the perfect suit.

How to Enhance Your Look with a Necktie?

Necktie is a piece of clothing item that solely can make or break your entire look. Remember to always have a necktie that is broader at the bottom. The color of your tie should contrast with the color of your suit or the shirt you are planning to pair it with. Choosing the proper fabric of the tie is really important as depending on the texture of the tie occasion is to be decided. 

To make your look graceful, know your occasion well and then style your tie accordingly. 

Investing in a good quality necktie is really important. You cannot wear a cheap quality tie with a heavy suit, the tie will break the look of your entire suit. hence go with such staple pieces that will complement your suit equally.

There are many tie brands in India that sell some amazing neckties for men to complete their entire look. 

How Tistabene Will Make You Look Dapper in Their Neckties?

Tistabene is one of the best tie brands in India. We provide you with some amazing designs in ties just to make you look eyeful. 

Those vibrant colors when matched with the perfect suit will just make any of your look so eye-pleasing. Tistabene provides you with tie colors that will complement any skin tone when worn correctly, with the right color suit.  The length of the tie is spot on as it will perfectly drape down your chest. The material used for these ties is micro-silk which makes these ties really unique.

Micro silk fabric is biodegradable in nature, which gives sustainability to the environment.  One should definitely buy ties online in India from Tistabene. We aim not only to provide the best quality apparel to our customers but also ensure the sustainability of the environment. 

Tistabene Best Selling Tie

Solid ties are really the best ties of all time. They give you that classy and modish look, if styled correctly. Our solid ties are just perfect in size, material and colors. You can mix-match them easily with your suits and you are good to go. Mens solid ties go well with solid color suits. They give you more of a formal look, hence they are seen quite often in your office meeting rooms. Always go with bold color ties if your suit shirt is white in color, it will enhance your look more.  

Our Most Liked Tie

Striped ties are the most liked ties of Tistabene. You can easily tone down your look with such ties. For example: wear a black suit along with white shirt and complete it with a black and white striped tie. 

These ties soften your look, making it less formal. You want to attend an office meeting but wanna keep it less formal, play with patterns and solid colors. Wear a solid color suit, let's suppose a navy blue suit, with light blue shirt. Now if you wish to make it formal you can wear a solid tie, but to make it tonal wear a dark blue striped tie.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Materials used to make ties

Silk, micro silk, wool are the materials used to make neckties for men. The tighter the weaving of the tie the less it will fray.

2. How many types of ties are there?

There are mainly three types of ties- pre-tied, clip-on, self-tied. Neckties come in all the three types. You have to decide according to the occasion on which type to go for. 

3. What colors are the best in ties?

Neutral tones of navy and grey colors are the best colors in ties. These colors go well with all kinds of bold color suits.

4. Which is the most useful tie for men?

Blue striped tie is the most useful tie for men. It goes well with all kinds of suits. If you want to keep your tie section less, go with this tie. 

5. Can you wear a tie everyday?

Yes, you can wear a tie everyday as it will increase your confidence and will make you feel professional. Also, it will show you as a person with class and respect.