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Since ancient times, men and women in the Indian subcontinent have worn kurtas as their customary clothing. Simple men's kurta pajamas were frequently worn in the 19th century by intellectuals, painters, and poets. The most common fabric, which is ideal for the heat of India, was cotton. During celebratory occasions and by those from affluent origins, silk kurtas were worn. Loose kurtas were popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s hippy movement.

Although men only prefer two types of clothing i.e. a shirt or t-shirt with joggers but stylish kurta for men looks amazing when worn correctly.

Men's kurta pajama for men is regarded as adaptable clothing nowadays, appropriate for both formal and casual occasions. Kurtas for guys at the best prices are offered by Tistabene.

Explore our selection of fashionable men's designer kurtas online. Bring as many reasonably priced selections home as you like.

There are several possibilities available in the menswear industry nowadays. With a variety of apparel options, men are prepared to enjoy the best. Men no longer wear the same two outfits for every event. We also provide a large wardrobe with alternatives for all seasons and events.

To present a professional image, they dress by the most recent fashion trends. Kurtas are the perfect piece of Indian clothing, considered to be a stylish trend with an attractive appearance that can be worn anywhere from the office to a casual get-together.


The two main styles of clothing worn by Indian guys are printed shirts and t-shirts. One always chooses a printed or solid shirt for the best of his looks when getting ready for a casual party or workplace party by styling it in various ways, but you can wear a kurta in place of a shirt. The old style is always replaced with a formal western style.

For casual situations like friend get-togethers, family get-togethers, visits to friends, movie nights, dates, and so forth, T-shirts are frequently chosen. A kurta is only pulled out of the wardrobe for important events like weddings and festivals.

Traditional kurta men should be the most common clothing choice in India. Kurtas are often composed of cotton fabric, and the style makes the wearer look lean. Because it allows for airflow, this garment is also cooling. Also, a lot of kurtas come in brilliant hues and look great. Also, they have incredibly neutral hues, making them appropriate for work.

A man who is properly dressed in a kurta is the most gorgeous person. A man accessorizing a kurta with all the accessories is both incredibly lovely and stunning. In all honesty, it is the most stylish attire for males. A kurta may be worn in both informal and formal ways, therefore no style, no matter how formal or casual, can match its feel.


1. Classic plain kurta for men: 

A simple, classic kurta is always a good choice for styling. a wide range of color choices, patterns, and fashions in a simple style. A traditional simple solid kurta in a variety of colors is a perfect option for any occasion, whether it's a wedding, a casual get-together, or an office party. A traditional plain kurta is available in an inconceivable range of colors and styles, and it can be worn repeatedly in new ways each time. Having a bunch of them and styling them differently each time will ensure that you always get a distinct vibe. These linen kurtas for men are simple solid kurtas that go well with a variety of bottom garments, including pajamas, traditional pants, jeans, and dhoti.

2. Embroidered kurtas for men:

The ability to alter the appearance of the same fabric for a garment by adding various designs and patterns to it is known as designing embroidered clothing. With the introduction of equipment and the industrial revolution, the art of embroidering clothing was elevated to new heights. Many developments in embroidered clothing were introduced over time. When worn, embroidered kurtas give you a unique appearance.

3. Mirror work kurta for men:

When worn appropriately, a kurta with mirror work looks fantastic. Are you looking for a wedding-related outfit? A mirror-work kurta is the best kurta for men. Choose your preferred color or experiment with different hues by donning shirts and t-shirts to see which one flatters you best before donning a kurta in that hue to complete the outfit. If you choose the appropriate bottom clothing, such as kurta pajamas, pants, or dhotis, you can wear a mirrorwork kurta. You can also add a dupatta to your outfit to further enhance its elegance.

4. Printed kurta for men:

Each patterned kurta provides you with a distinctive appearance. Your kurta will seem distinctive and important if it is printed with a variety of different patterns, such as stripes, polka dots, florals, some graphic prints, printed forms, and objects, or printed with some original designs. when worn with the appropriate bottom wear, whether it be denim, traditional pants, dhoti, pajamas, or a variety of other bottom wears. Prints like motif print or block printed give the look of a Jaipuri kurta which looks amazing while wearing.

You may rely on mojaris and jutti for the greatest footwear to complete your style. The ideal effect is achieved by wearing a brilliantly printed kurta with a traditional solid plain Nehru jacket. 



The amazing and unique designs from Tistabene give you a pretty and gentlemanly vibe. Not only kurta but Tistabene have a lot of apparel options like winter essentials, activewear, shirts, tees, and many more options with the best quality fabric and unique designs. The breathable fabric and the quality of Tistabene products make the brand unique and become a one-stop destination for men’s apparel. If you are looking for anything you can always rely upon Tistabene’s quality and material for the best results. The brand makes you look great and amazing. The kurtas with many design options for different occasions make it different. 


How to Choose the Right Colours When Buying a Kurta?

Consider your skin tone and occasion. For a versatile option, go for a solid-colour kurta, like a black kurta or a white kurta. Experiment with vibrant hues of kurtas like yellow kurta or green kurta for a bolder look. For festivals or traditional family programmes, white kurtas for men are a source of attraction, so try them. Match the kurta colour with your personal style and the event you're attending.

Can you explain the different types of kurtas available for men?

kurta for men come in various styles, including short kurta, embroidered kurta, printed kurta, solid kurta, designer kurta, and more.

Which type of kurta is best for mens?

The ideal type of kurta for men varies based on personal style and occasion. Traditional long kurtas are suitable for formal events, while short kurtas offer a casual look. Designer kurtas, embroidered kurtas, printed kurtas, and solid kurtas cater to diverse preferences, providing versatility for different settings and personal expressions.

How can I look attractive in a kurta?

Choose a kurta that complements your body shape. Pair it with well-fitted jeans, preferably in a contrasting color such as yellow kurta with black jeans or black kurta with white jeans for men. Experiment with stylish kurta designs, such as embroidered kurta or unique printed kurta. Adding a jacket can enhance the overall appeal, making you stand out.

What is the significance of chikankari kurtas for men?

Chikankari kurtas for men hold significant cultural and aesthetic value. Renowned for intricate hand-embroidered patterns, chikankari showcases skilled craftsmanship. These kurtas not only represent a rich cultural heritage but also exude elegance, making them popular choices for special occasions and celebrations.