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The first step in making a good first impression as a smart employee is how you dress. Before you ever have a chance to show yourself, that sagging pair of pants or wrinkled shirt may cause the wrong impression of you to people and other employees.

A person will draw greater attention, though, if they have gelled hair, polished shoes, and fashionable attire. When getting ready for work, you need to pay attention to several aspects, such as how you style your hair and how shiny your shoes are. Another crucial component of a man's workplace outfit is a pair of appropriate pants.

On the other hand, sharp pants enhance your handsome appearance when worn with formal workplace shirts. We are here to help you make you choose the right pants for you from the right store, we'll examine some of the key components of a pair of quality pants.


Pants when worn with either solid shirts, t-shirts, or ethnic kurta look amazing. People pair them with a lot of upper wear but there is a wide variety of pants that are made for different occasions. The top four categories in pants are-

  • Cargo pants
  • Formal pants
  • Casual trousers
  • British pants

These four categories of pants can be paired with the right top and footwear to get the proper look. Cargo pants are loose-fit pants or men’s slim-fit cargo pants giving room to move your knee and hips especially.

They have a cotton fabric that is a little sturdy but soft and looks stylish when worn with oversized tees and shirts like Sanganeri shirts or other printed shirts. Formal pant is straight-fit pants that give a formal look when worn with solid shirts and with some check-printed or stripe-printed shirts.

Casual trousers are cotton pants for men which can be worn with any casual outfit to rock your look by styling and teaming them with the right to and footwear. British pants have a check print on them with a straight-fit look which gives an amazing look when worn with black shirts or some other solid shirts. 


Pants, when worn with the right top-wear, look stunning and makes you look stylish but the question is how to style them. What would men do to have an amazing appearance? Of course, a beautiful shave, but also many things else! Men are aware that a pair of pants is the greatest way to attain a formal appearance. Men's formal trousers should make a stylish and comfortable impression. Therefore, it is important to seem presentable and not over the top in every situation, whether it be the office, a business conference, or a quiet evening with friends. Men's formal pants are available in a variety of materials and hues.

You can always try something new for everything and so you can style all the categories of pants with something cool and trendy you can go for cargo pants pairing them with Sanganeri shirts and some cool printed shirts along with sneakers to have a cool look. You can carry this look during any casual occasion like on a night out, for a casual party, for a get-together, or anything of your preference. 

Formal pants can be worn on formal occasions like during office hours or for formal meetings. Formal pants are solid pants that can style with solid or check printed or stripe printed shirts and make you look stunning. Pair the outfit with formal shoes and not with some random sports shoes or sneakers.

Casual trousers or soft cotton pants for men can be worn on any casual occasion by teaming them up with the right top and footwear. British pants have something unique in their prints. When people get bored by wearing the same outfit again and again then they go for the check printed pant that is British pants. British pants when worn with some solid shirts with bold colors look stunning and make you look stylish. You can wear them as formal as well as casual pants according to your preference. Trousers are available online in different colors and designs which can be paired up with the right top-wear and foot-wear to have the perfect look.


Formal or casual, pants for men are generally made and lined for total comfort in the waist area. Typical features include blind-stitched loops, rounded belt extensions, reinforced stitching details at the crotch and hem, and premium pockets. It's relatively easy to make men's formal and casual pants look classy if you make the right choices. Tistabene’s casual and formal Pants go a long way in making you the smartest guy at any gathering. Crafted from the finest fabrics, it's perfect for office attire or formal occasions when you want to look your best effortlessly. Team it with a formal shirt or embroidered shirts and leather shoes for a glamorous edit. Rely on tistabene Tistabene- Pants for Men at lowest price

No matter how fashionable your pants are, if they don't fit you correctly, they won't have the kind of impact you want. This is why it's crucial to get a pair that fits you properly when you buy them. The best-fitting pants are ones that elegantly taper toward the ankles without bunching or developing wrinkles. However, they shouldn't hang carelessly around your legs; rather, they should be loose enough to allow you to walk around comfortably. Additionally, keep in mind that trouser pants for men should fit more cleanly from the waist to the hips without slipping off, even without a belt, because they are intended to be worn higher on the body.


Tistabene is arguably the trendiest online collection of men's formal and casual pants in India.

You can buy a lot of things from Tistabene be it shirts, T-shirts, polo t-shirts, ethnic kurtas, formal cotton pantsand many more things, and make them pair up with pants. Pants change the whole look and so you should style them with whatever you want to. Add Tistabene’s products to your Wishlist and enjoy the quality and softness of the pants and look stylish. With Tistabene online shopping for ankle length pants men, mens casual cargo pants and other products is safe, easy, and hassle-free so you can do it anytime and anywhere, just Wish list the product and shop for your favorite. Try shopping once and you’ll be back for more.