Suits, shirts, formal trousers, and ties were standard attire for formal occasions. However, with the development of fashion, the styling of men's shirts has become less rigid. By breaking the dress code and incorporating casual and comfortable elements into the ensemble, the definition of formal wear is no longer the same. These days, more men are complementing their formal shirts with jeans, sweaters, and blazers than suits and pants. It's time to respond to changing trends so that those clinging to traditional approaches don't look out of place in professional and semi-formal settings.

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Here are some ways you can follow if you're semi-formal, or if you're styling your new formal style his style. 

Style Solid Men's formal trousers

For formal styling, solid pants were the first to appear in our style. Plain pants look beautiful when paired with plain or formal shirts to create a formal look. Some people look good in the same color shirt and pants, but not all of them, so you should always choose contrasting shirts and pants to avoid being overwhelmed by the same color. there is. Try to combine colors and shades so that the outfit looks beautiful.

Style British Pants 

British trousers, also known as plaid trousers, add interest to an outfit when worn with a formal shirt. British trousers look great when worn with the right print and texture. Tuck in your shirt, add a nice belt and you're ready to go.

Formal Shoes are a Saviour 

Formal dresses should always be paired with formal shoes until they are no longer semi-formal. Semi-formal attire can be paired with sneakers or athletic shoes, but proper formal attire should always be paired with formal shoes. Whether it's a blazer or a formal shirt and pants.

Vest Coat Can Be Paired Rightly

Men's printed shirts look great when worn properly, paired with a vest coat. Vest coats are considered formal wear that can be worn with both blazers and formal shirts to give the formal shirt a great look. For larger occasions, you can add a tie to complement the look.

Accessories Yourself

Ties and belts are considered accessories for formal dress, and belts play a very important role. So for formal wear, it's always a good idea to have a plate belt or box frame belt so that it doesn't look weird when you tuck in your shirt. Some people prefer to wear a tie. That's why it's important to match the right tie to the color, design, and contrast with your outfit.

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Denim Jeans Can Be Paired With Shirts 

Denim jeans are considered a casual, streetwear outfit, but a formal shirt paired with denim jeans looks great. Denim jeans create a semi-formal look when paired with a formal shirt, making them perfect for office attire as well as for a date. Give your formal shirt a new look.


Blazers add a formal touch when paired with formal shirts or plain shirts and formal trousers. Coordinating with vintage watches or smartwatches will give you a great look. This outfit can be worn for farewell parties, office hours, formal meetings, college events, and more.

Fold Up The Sleeves

Wearing a formal shirt tucked into formal pants allows the sleeves to be rolled up and can look classy when worn correctly. Whether you're on a date or at the office, simply roll up your sleeves and you're ready to go. Roll up the sleeves and pair it with formal trousers and you'll always look great.

Wear The Right Color

The secret to the perfect combination of a stylish men's shirt and flattering trousers lies in matching your skin and hair. The same is true for shirts, which can look dull and washed out. There are several ways to determine which color contrast is right for you.

Here's a quick guide on what to use. If you have a strong contrast with your hair or skin color, choose clothes that contrast. It acts as a frame for your face and emphasizes your facial features. If you have low contrast, avoid high-contrast clothing and choose low-contrast clothing instead. Otherwise, your outfit could attract attention. With just the right amount of contrast, you may need to mix and match clothes to find the right one.


The trousers and shirts should be paired correctly so that you can look smart and make sure that you dress nicely no matter what the occasion is. You can always rely on the Tistabene collection for your stylish look. These rules are just some of the basics to remember. However, there are plenty of ways to improvise and experiment to reflect your personality and make your outfit look perfect. If you follow the basics, you will look like a fine gentleman.

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