T-shirts for men online are a staple in every man's wardrobe. Only clothing that can be styled and worn without choosing an inner layer. The only things that need to be taken care of are their washing health and the way to keep them and care for them to increase their lifespan. Here are the tips listed below which can be followed to make sure that you style and flaunt in your t-shirts.

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Washing Care For T-shirts

These are some of the washing tips that you should follow and increase the lifespan of your t-shirts. Read on to find out the best one. 

Wash At 30 Degrees, Reduce the Cycle: We recommend washing at 30 degrees (preferably lower). Heat accelerates fading, shrinkage, and deterioration of prints in clothing. Long washing (more than 1 hour) and spinning at 1400 rpm will wear the garment over time. Keep your washes short and spins low. Take care of your clothes and save electricity.

Natural Dry: Tumble drying can fade, shrink, or damage prints on garments. We recommend that you line-dry your clothes. Weather T-shirts weather polo T-shirts or any other needs to be dried naturally to increase their life span. However, if you must use the tumbler dryer, make sure the temperature is moderate.

Wash Inside and Out: Turning the garment inside out adds an extra layer of protection and prevents other items in the same bag from rubbing against the print.

Say No to Bleach : Using harsh detergents or bleaches on clothing can fade the fabric and damage the print. We recommend using mild detergents. If there is dirt you want to remove, use a product that can be applied directly to the dirty area before washing.

Do Not Iron on the Prints: Do not iron the printed area. Extreme heat can damage prints. If you follow these recommendations, you should be able to enjoy your customized clothes be it tie-dye printed t-shirts for years to come.

Things to Consider While Buying a T-shirt

Surely every man needs a perfect t-shirt that fits his body well. It's a piece you can relax in all day without compromising on style.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a T-shirt.

Select the Perfect Style

Tistabene has a wide variety of t-shirts, from men's short-sleeved t-shirts to polo t-shirts, solid colors, crew necks, and V-neck t-shirts. Always wear a T-shirt that fits your body type. Consider buying a T-shirt that you don't have in your closet. If you already have a turtleneck t-shirt in your wardrobe, there's no point in investing in this product again. Instead, look online for the latest styles and invest wisely.

Know the Material Well

Always choose a versatile T-shirt for all seasons. When buying a comfortable t-shirt, you should definitely choose cotton fabric with solid round neck or V-neck. The fabric is soft against the skin and comfortable to wear. T-shirts are considered versatile as well as comfortable. Therefore, you should choose fabrics that will keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Stitching Quality

A good quality T-shirt is a smart investment. Knowing the fabric before buying an oversized t-shirt is important, but checking the stitching is just as important. Just because a T-shirt is available at a discounted price doesn't mean you should buy it. It may contain some default settings. Always check the stitching before purchasing the t-shirt for the perfect great look.

Check the Quality of the Prints and Graphics

If you're planning to buy a fashionable t-shirt for men, it's very important to look closely at the prints and graphics before making a purchase. Choose prints that look trendy and attractive. You don't have to buy a cheap, high-quality printed t-shirt just because it's on sale. Such a T-shirt will lose its print once it is washed.

Wide Range of Combinations and Colors Available In T-shirts

T-shirts come in a variety of colors and can be paired with a variety of clothing to create a style you love. Want a smart casual look? Wear a polo T-shirt and jeans. or want it to look simple and casual. Match your favorite pants with a simple plain T-shirt. The weather outside is neither hot nor cold. Put on a Rajasthani Printed T-shirt and a denim jacket and you're ready to go. You want to attend an office meeting, but you want to take it easy. You can wear a casual blazer over plain T-shirt and matching jeans.

Fits Everyone’s Budget

The t-shirt really fits within your budget. Finding the right t-shirt for you with the right t-shirt fabric really takes a lot of research. You can buy it at a really reasonable price. So if you want to buy a t-shirt that is out of your budget, just wait for online sales. Sure, online sales like this make t-shirts affordable, but finding the right model is entirely up to you.


Men always look for comfort when getting dressed. What could be more comfortable than a soft cotton tee? T-shirts are so versatile that you can wear them anywhere, Pair them with shirts, jackets, denim jackets, or just wear them next to your skin and everything will fit. Follow the steps listed above, shop unlimitedly from Tistabene and get your t-shirts cared rightly.