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Denim Shirts

DENIM SHIRTS: Everything You Need To Know

Denim shirts have been a staple in every man's wardrobe lately. Surely they are not going out of style anytime soon.

These shirts are flattering, easy to wear, and can make you look really stylish. The confusion starts between chambray and denim fabrics, as they both tend to look alike. Well, one should know the difference between them. 

Difference Between Chambray And Denim Fabric

We often get confused between these two fabrics because they have the same appearance. But the two really have some differences. Chambray fabric is made using a plain weave method where the single threads of yarn are woven together. This fabric is really similar to denim, but it is lightweight, breathable, and perfect for all year round. 

On the other hand, denim fabric is made using the twill weave method, where numerous threads of the yarn are woven together. The multiple weavings of the yarn strands make the fabric thicker, giving it a more rugged and casual look.

Denim Shirts In Button-Down Or Western Style 

Denim shirts can be done in both button-down and Western styles. You just have to be sure which one you want to opt for, as they are suitable for different occasions. 

A button-down shirt has more polished and flat-faced buttons. This type of shirt is more on the simplistic side and has some preppy buttons on it. The Western-style shirts have mother-of-pearl buttons, which makes them really distinctive. They have detailed seams and two breast pockets.  

When Can Men Wear Denim Shirts?

Men can wear denim shirts anytime they wish to. If you are planning to wear a button-down shirt, instead, you can go with a denim shirt. 

From your office desk to the drink table, denim shirts can be worn easily. You can wear them casually or formally; it all depends on you. On occasions like birthdays, night outs, hangouts, casual date nights, and beach parties, you can wear denim shirts for men and look effortlessly smart.  

When Can Men Not Wear Denim Shirts?

If you work at a place where there is a strict rule of being dressed up formally, you should avoid wearing denim shirts there. If you are planning to attend any ceremonial event or some formal business meeting, you should probably avoid wearing these shirts there.  

How To Pick The Wash For Your Shirts 

There is really no necessity to choose a dark or light shade, just go with the one that pleases you. There are times when people think before buying about which wash will suit them. Well, in denim shirts, there are no such restrictions; you can wear whatever wash looks attractive to you. If you find it difficult to have your wash you can simply order denim shirts online.

But remember, to get that casual look, style your denim shirts with light wash jeans or shorts and sneakers. To get that formal look, prefer chinos or slacks and dress shoes. 

Denim Shirts- A Versatile Piece Of Clothing

Denim shirts are really versatile and go well with almost all kinds of bottoms. You can wear them at different occasions and dress up or down according to the situation. Moreover, they are easy to wear and are definitely a great addition to every man's wardrobe. 

How To Style Your Denim Shirts 

  • With Blazers 

Wearing a blazer over a denim shirt is the best bet for achieving that formal look. You can wear a denim shirt under a light-toned blazer and combine it with chinos or jeans, and you are good to go.  

  • With Chinos

Want to attend a ceremonial event, but in your style? What is better than wearing a denim shirt with a pair of chinos? Just don’t forget to tuck in the shirt for a more stylish and formal appearance.  

  • With Shorts 

Denim shirts look so smart when paired with a pair of shorts. This combo is perfect for your summer vacations or summer parties. Wear a pair of white sneakers for a more streetwear look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should One Wear Denim Shirts?

Denim shirts are perfect for creating a smart-casual look. They are really comfortable and don't make you look overly dressed. These shirts are perfect for those who want that tailoring fit along with a stylish and comfortable look. 

2. How many colors are there in Denim Fabric?

The most popular colors are blue and indigo in denim fabric. But nowadays you will find black, grey and white 

3. Are Denim Shirts Fashionable?

Denim shirts have a timeless fashion and are not going out of style anytime soon. They are so comfortable and stylish that they can be worn all round the year. 

4. Can You Iron Denim Shirts?

One can definitely iron denim clothes following all the ironing instructions mentioned. You need to be very careful while ironing the shirt and keep the setting of the iron according to the cloth of the shirt for the seamless look. 

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