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Tie-Dye Printed Hoodie
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Black Tokyo Manji Revengers Hoodie
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Multi color Block Hoodie
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Multi color Block Hoodie
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Blue Follow Your Dreams Tie-Dye Hoodie
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Blue Tie-Dye Hoodie
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Be it a man or a teenage boy everyone nowadays loves to wear hoodies. Hoodies these days have become a permanent part of our wardrobe. Hoodies are most commonly referred to as a sweatshirt with a hood. They were primarily started as workout wear. Our clothes designers know that everyone craves for style without ditching their comfort zone. Keeping that in mind the designers design such clothes that are comfy goes well with the trend. Hoodies give that modish look and have now become a go to look for all the men. Usually hoodies are popular among college teens. Additionally cool hoodies for men have been a really go to option in the clothing section. 


Hoodies are an upgraded version of a sweatshirt. Basically they are a sweatshirt with a hood.

Some hoodies have pockets while some don't. Hoodie for men with zippers includes two pockets placing them on either side of the zipper. Pullover hoodies have a single large muff only at one place. Both the designs have similarity; they have a drawstring to adjust your hood opening.  A hoodie covers most of the neck and head region.


Woollen hoodies for men are often worn during winters. They help you keep your body warm. Hoodies for men stylish are also worn during the rainy season in order to protect them from rain. First and foremost hoodies are the best thing to wear when the weather is really chilling outside. As they are made using cotton. The thicker the hoodie the less cold you will feel. Also an advantage of wearing a hoodie is that it can really adjust the outside freezing temperature allowing you to wear a minimum layer of clothing. 

Hoodies also protect you from the UV rays of the sun as they cover almost the whole upper body.

Perfect casual and comforting clothing for parties is none other than a hoodie. Planning a camping trip with friends? The most comfy clothes you can carry are your hoodies and your pair of joggers.


Our  winter hoodies for men are also funky hoodies for men. They give you that stylish look even in winters. We can assure you that our hoodies are the cool hoodies for men.

If you are planning to party on a cool winter evening and worried about what to wear? Don't worry we  got you. You can pair our hoodies  with joggers, jeans, pants etc and you will for sure be a show stopper. Want to twin with your colleagues? What's best if not having the same hoodies? 

We have a wide range of varieties in our hoodies. 



Tistabene’s most selling hoodies are the tie-dye hoodies. The tie-dye hoodie has for sure left a mark on the customers, and has been really in demand. The process of tie-dye is not as easy as it seems. To make the look eye-catching the hoodie has to go through a process. Lastly, this process gives your hoodies a vibrant and colourful look.


Fleece or sherpa material is usually unalike from other materials. More likely fleece/sherpa is made up of natural or synthetic wool or fur. 

Moreover our hoodies help you look graceful as well as keep you warm in them. They are colour block hoodies. Colour block hoodies have distinct blocks of colours around the chest, sleeves or pockets. Who doesn't like vibrant and a variety of colours on their clothes? We’ve got it all for you in our colour block collection of hoodies. This collection will help you keep your body warm without you having to ditch the style.                                                  


  • How to make your hoodies stylish?
  •  Hoodies should be paired with the perfect pair of pants along with a perfect pair of shoes.

  • What's the perfect wear for winter without much layering of clothes?
  • Don't we all know the answer already? Of course a hoodie.

  • Most warming material used for making hoodies also gives them a stylish look?
  • Fleece / sherpa material gives your hoodie warming texture as well as makes it look stylish. And we perfectly do that.

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