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Striped shirts men are worn by everyone, from university students to working professionals. With this wardrobe essential, you can always make a stylish impression. Whether you're getting ready for an important interview or a black-tie event, all formal occasion calls for a formal shirt, and stripe short is one of the greatest formal shirts.

striped shirt men are a wardrobe staple for every man. They convey your personal style. Following in the footsteps of solid shirts, the striped shirt has adapted to the ever-changing designs of menswear. Currently, there is a large selection of solutions accessible for fashion and fitness, making fashion and styling simple. It also aids in the selection of the best fit for you.

Apart from your performance at work, wearing smart-looking clothes goes a long way toward generating the right impression in the eyes of your supervisor, subordinates, and colleagues. Whether you are a new employee at a startup or the CEO of a multinational corporation, a nice assortment of formal shirts is essential in your wardrobe.

All you have to do is look at the latest fashion formal shirts accessible online to decide whether you want to miss out on the latest trends that cotton striped shirts have to offer. Online shopping for stripe shirts is the greatest approach to finding the best fit and style for you.


Your shirt can make a big difference in how smart and professional you appear. Thus, unless you work in a startup or it's Friday, keep T-shirts and casual clothes to the side. When it comes to buying shirts for work, a man can never go wrong with a striped cotton shirt. This is a button-up shirt featuring full and half sleeves, as well as a collar. It is critical that your stripe shirt fits properly.

If your stripe shirt allows you to pinch out one to three inches across the chest and waist, it is the appropriate fit. You should be able to raise your arms to your sides without the cuffs pulling up your forearms. Finally, two fingers should be able to enter the collar while it is buttoned.

Another critical aspect of purchasing your stripe shirt is selecting the proper fabric. The fabric determines not only how smart you will appear in your shirt, but also how comfortable you will be in it. If you're going to be traveling a lot that day, nothing beats a cotton vertical striped half-sleeved shirt to keep you from sweating and becoming uncomfortable. If you're going to be in an air-conditioned cabin all day, you may easily find men's shirts in silk, polyester, linen, and other blends.

When it comes to color, white, blue, and pink are must-haves for men's stripe shirts. Lavender, off-white, peach, and other safe colors to add to your collection of stripe shirts, as you do in a kurta, are just a few examples. Dark colors such as black, navy blue, and maroon can make you look smart and trendy and are ideal for dressier occasions. Last, make sure you have an intriguing collection of stripe shirts, whether horizontal or vertical striped shirts in India.

Here is a list of a few things which you should keep in mind before buying a stripe-printed shirt:

1. Dress to impress at work: 

 Make sure your formal shirts for men include a fresh white garment with a striped design. Get a white striped shirt with a button placket and wide collar. Team it with formal pants and a sophisticated black watch. You can also pair this with a jacket or blazer for an important formal meeting.

2. Vertically striped shirts:

 make sure you include vertically striped shirts in your wardrobe as a vertically printed shirt makes you look stylish. You can wear the shirt with blazers and jackets for a stylish look.

3. Horizontal stripe shirts:

 makes you look perfect when you are tall and want to try something new. Short people can also wear horizontally striped shirts men for a stylish look.

opt for a pleasant vibe vertical striped half-sleeved shirt for men. You can also wear this shirt as casual wear by pairing it with cargo or shorts t have a fun classy look.


Online shopping sites offer a lot of options in apparel be its gym wear or stripe cotton shirt but the question is where to buy best striped shirt. The simple answer to this question is “Tistabene”. From party to weekend outfits and for everything else you can rely on Tistabene’s collection as it is said to be the one-stop destination for men’s apparel. From gym wear to office wear and while traveling you have a whole category of abstract printed shirts, Sanganeri shirts, solid shirts as well as stripe and check printed shirts. You can style the sleeves of stripe-printed shirts in many styles like rolling them up, or half-sleeved stripe shirts and keep them by buttoning their ends on the wrist. Buy the stripe-printed shirt online from Tistabene and get A+ quality products with unique designs and best quality fabric which are made to make you look stylish, fashionista, and comfortable.

Tistabene brings you a wide range and array of stripe-printed shirts from which you can choose your wardrobe essentials be it for casual wear or for formal wear you can always rely on Tistabene’s products.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What Do You Wear With A Striped Shirt?

    best striped shirt for men are usually thin, horizontal lines that alternate between two colors. All you need is a striped shirt and any pair of pants like jeans to wear with it. A small belt can be used to bring out the belt loops. You could always go for solid shirts if you are not very comfortable in a striped shirt. Solid shirts always work perfectly with any type of pants.

    Q 2. Are Striped Men’s Shirts Fashionable?

    Stripes, as a pattern or element of design, have been popular since the early 1800s. Given its history and its continuing popularity, it can be stated that stripes are a classic pattern that never goes out of style. Stripes are a popular way to add a fashion edge to an otherwise ordinary outfit. They are highly recommended when paired with an otherwise boring color palette. Stripes also add a layer of sophistication to a look, even when they are a small element of the outfit. 

    Q 3. How Do You Wear A Blue Striped Shirt?

    Wearing a blue striped shirt is easy if you know how to mix and match it with different colors. Pick blues, black and white colors to create a striking look. Wear a blue striped shirt with black jeans and a fashionable black belt. With a trendy pair of blue striped shoes, this is a perfect casual look for a day out with friends.

    Q 4. Do Stripe Shirts Can Only Wear At The Office?

    Stripe shirts are not only limited to office wear. You can wear them for casual and formal occasions. When wearing a striped shirt for a formal event, wear your best suit to match it. If you are going to a party or a casual outing, wear a pair of jeans, chinos or slacks with them. The bottom line is that you can wear a striped shirt anytime you want.

    Q 5. Could We Hand-Wash Men's Stripe Shirts?

    Yes, you can hand wash men's stripe shirts. However, you need to be very careful as it would take more effort than hand washing normal shirts. It's also advisable to dry clean striped shirts as they could get damaged easily if they aren’t dried properly.

    Q6 Are striped shirts for men back in trend?

    Everybody likes to wear striped shirts as they give a classy look so, of course, striped shirt men are back in trend.

    Q7 Which shirt is most preferred in the office?

    Formal shirts are it solid shirts, check shirts or stripe shirts are everybody’s favorite when it comes to office wear or a formal outfit.

    Q8 How to style stripe shirts? 

    Stripe shirts can be styled in casual as well as in a formal way by teaming them up with the right pair. You can pair them with formal pants and trousers for a formal look and with casual bottom wear for a casual look.