Suits, shirts, and ties were standard attire for formal occasions. However, with fashion development, the styling of men's shirts has become more flexible. By breaking the dress code and incorporating casual and comfortable elements into the ensemble, the definition of formal and informal wear is no longer the same. Nowadays, more men are complementing their jeans, shirts for men, sweaters, and blazers than suits and pants. It's time to respond to changing trends so those clinging to traditional approaches stay in the right place in professional and semi-formal settings.
Here are some of the ideas listed below; you can follow and dress up like a gentleman!

Style Tips for Dressing Up Like a Gentleman: Following These Ideas -

Try Block Printed Shirts :

Men rarely wear traditional costumes. I have always seen men wearing shirts at most events where they have to wear a kurta. We seldom try new things and stick with them for long, but why not try a block print jeans shirts? You should.
Block print or Rajasthani print shirts are a new fashion trend that combines comfort and style with an ethnic relaxed vibe. You can always opt for a block-printed shirt when you want a traditional outfit and don't want to wear a kurta. I assure you that you will not feel any difference.

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Try Pairing Solid Pants With Topwears :

Solid pants or formal pants were the first to appear in our style for traditional styling, but now the case is different. People try many ways to try new things, and dressing like a gentleman is everyone's choice. Plain pants look beautiful when paired with simple or formal shirts to create a traditional look. Some people look good in the same colour shirt and pants, but not all of them, so you should always choose contrasting shirts and pants to avoid being overwhelmed by the same colour.

Try T-shirts :

It is only sometimes the case that you must dress formally to look intelligent and gentle, man, but you can style any outfit and look gentlemanly. T-shirts are one of the comfiest apparel, to be honest, and can be worn in any place.
Try to combine colours and shades so that the outfit looks beautiful.
Pair them with any bottom wear and try to accessories them with bracelets or chains around the neck to complete the look.

Play With Layering Trick :

The best way to add some fun to your off-duty style is to pair a dress shirt with a casual t-shirt. Playing with colours and mixing prints and designs is a great way to style casual or solid shirts.
Wear a plain casual t-shirt and pair it with a printed casual shirt, such as chevron or haze, block or abstract, checkered or striped (although striped and checked shirts are not included in the formal shirt category).
Wear it with a casual T-shirt or roll up the sleeves for a stylish and casual look) Wear as you like. Try wearing a T-shirt in a contrasting colour for a stylish look.

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Try Traditional :

Some traditional Indian fashion trends have become permanent fixtures in our wardrobes. A tastefully coordinated cream silk kurta with straight pants and an intricately woven silver jacket is his one such ensemble. There is nothing irresistible about this style. If I had to choose a favourite, this one would be bold, fashionable, and attractive.
The ancient combination of thread and mirror work always goes in fashion. A contemporary take on the traditional men's look, the exotic printed kurta brings a fresh twist to the usual look. The traditional men's look is a black asymmetrical kurta with a matching Nehru jacket, pyjamas, pants, and other underwear.

Important Things To Remember :

It is about more than apparel; there are a lot of steps rather than the above mentioned in der to dress like a gentleman. Read on to find one, follow them and look smart whenever you want by trying new methods.

Mixing And Matching Is The Pro Rule:

Mixing and matching is the best decision to look good. You don't necessarily have to check your tops and bottoms, but the colours, textures, prints, and overall garments such as jackets, denim shirts and blazers matter.
Plain shirts and blazers are boring these days. Some people wear it as work clothes, but why not change it up and pair it with a printed men's shirt or a stylish shirt and blazer? You will look incredible. A simple rule here is that the blazer should match the shirt's design. It should be a different design or a strange design. Try different patterns on both. I am sure you will look great.

Avoid Colors That Are Too Close To Your Skin Tone
The secret to the perfect combination of stylish men's shirts and great-looking pants is to match your skin and hair. The same is true for shirts, which can look dull and washed out. There are several ways to determine which colour contrast is proper for you. Here's a quick guide on what to use: If you have a strong contrast with your hair or skin colour, choose contrasting clothing. It acts as a frame for your face and accentuates your features. Avoid high-contrast clothing and choose low-contrast dress if you have low contrast. Otherwise, your outfit could attract attention. Selecting the right amount of difference may require different combinations.

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Wrap up :

Here are some of the tricks and tips listed above that you can follow and be a gentleman while styling. Also, you do not have to worry about formal wear as casual is a new style, and you can try to become one. Buy the best men's shirts online or t-shirts, co-ord sets, and pair them with the best bottom wear.