Jeans have been a staple in every man's wardrobe. They are so versatile that they go well with all kinds of upperwear. Jeans for men are available in many designs, cuts, and colors. But do you know how bad your appearance looks when you don’t wear the jeans that fit you perfectly? You either get loose jeans that will make you look unprofessional and sloppy or too tight jeans that will keep you uncomfortable throughout. 

You need to keep in mind some tips while buying a pair of stylish jeans for men in order to avoid inconvenience after having them. 

Things To Consider While Buying Jeans

1.Know Your Body Type

When we say that knowing your body type while buying clothes is something you really need to focus on, you should definitely consider it. You cannot wear baggy clothes if you have a thin body; it will make you look like a stick covered in clothes. 

There are many body types in men. Each one of them requires different types of clothes to enhance them further.  

  • Rectangular Body Type:

Men with this body type have their hips, chest, and shoulders all in the same proportion. This gives them a rectangular shape. Men with this body type should wear straight-fit or low-rise jeans.  

  • Inverted Triangle Body Type:

Men with heavy shoulders and a slim waist have this body type. They have heavier legs and should go with straight-fit jeans with large pockets. These jeans will help their legs look slimmer, and the large pockets will make their behinds appear smaller.  

  • Triangle Body Type:

This body type has narrow shoulders and a heavy hip area. A pair of straight-fit jeans works best for them, as it will help their hip area look slimmer. 

  • Trapezoid Body Type:

Athletic men have this body type, with a slim waist and toned legs. Slim-fit or low-rise jeans are the best options for them to flaunt their toned legs.  

  • Oval Body Type:

Men with this body type have a large belly, large thighs, and a wide hip area. To control their lower section, high-rise jeans and straight-cut jeans are the best bet.

2. Fabric of The Jeans 

It is really important to check the fabric of the jeans before buying them, both online and offline.

  • While buying offline, always make sure the material is stretchable, easy on the skin, and comfortable.
  • While buying online, make sure you check the description box and the reviews about the product before buying it. 

3. Compare The Prices 

Before buying jeans online, always make sure you compare the price of the jeans. There are plenty of times when you will find the same piece at a cheaper price on another app. Hence, always compare the prices and save money. 

4. Know Which Jeans to Buy 

There are many types of jeans, from denim to ankle length jeans for men to boot-cut and a lot more. Know which one your wardrobe doesn't have, then go for that pair.  

  • Ankle-length Jeans 

These jeans are perfect to rely on. Ankle length jeans for men often end up above your ankle, giving your legs a perfect and smarter appearance.  

  • Denim Jeans 
Denim jeans

Who doesn't like wearing denim jeans? Black denim jeans for men are something that can be paired with any of the tops and will give you a dapper look.  

  • Boot-Cut Jeans
Boot-cut jeans

Boot-cut jeans for men are really in style these days. They are comfortable and really give you that stylish look. A must-have in your wardrobe.  

  • Distressed Loose Ankle Stretchable Jeans
    Loose Ankle Stretchable Jeans

These jeans are really comfortable, as they are loose, and they also give you that stylish look. They are stretchable, so you won’t face any difficulties while sitting down. 

Hopefully, it is now sorted out as to how to find the perfect pair of jeans for yourself. But now many of you might be wondering how to style these jeans for a smart look. Well, have some amazing ideas for that as well.  

How Do You Style Your Jeans?

Jeans are so versatile that you can style them effortlessly with almost all of your upperwear. Tistabene, one of the most popular brands for men's apparel, has some of the best tops that can be paired with your jeans to slay any look.  

  • Blue Jaipuri Printed Cotton Shirt

Jaipuri printed shirt

This shirt from Tistabene has its own hype in the market. You can pair them with your dark-wash ankle-length denim jeans for any of your casual occasions. 

  • Black Fluorescence Printed Cotton Shirt 

Printed shirts

Black is a color that goes well with every body type. This color makes you look elegant and stylish. You can wear this shirt with ankle-length jeans for men and the appropriate footwear, and you are good to go.  

  • Peach Round-Neck T-Shirt

    round-neck t-shirt

    This t-shirt from Tistabene will make you look so smart. You can pair this with your favourite denim jeans, and you will look so modish. To complete the entire look, wear a pair of white sneakers below.

    • Black Oversized T-Shirt

    This t-shirt is perfect for your casual outings like hanging out with friends, a night out, casual dates, etc. You can pair them with blue boot-cut jeans for an extraordinary look. 

    • Pink Floral Chevron-Printed Kurta

    Who said that kurtas could only be paired with pyjamas? Well, for a more comfortable outfit, you can pair your blue or black denim jeans with this kurta from Tistabene. 

    • Yellow Chevron Printed Kurta

    This kurta is the best for all of your traditional events. For a more relaxed and stylish look, you can wear this kurta with black boot-cut jeans. 

    How Will Tistabene Jeans Make You Look Stylish, And Why Should You Have Them?

    Tistabene is one of the best shopping brands in India for selling all kinds of men's apparel. They have a wide range of t-shirts, shirts, pants, kurtas, jeans, and a lot more.

    You can rely on Tistabene’s jeans because

    • They are made from the best materials, which will keep you comfortable throughout. 
    • They are durable and will last longer than all your other clothing items.
    • They give you a stylish appearance without affecting your comfort. 
    • You will find your perfect fit here. 

    Tistabene’s jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe and will definitely make any of you look really stunning. 

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