Casual shirts are one of the best things to try on when you feel out of style. A casual shirt can make you look flattering and attractive when worn correctly. There are plenty of new pattern shirts that you can wear and show off. Try a few and feel the style and uniqueness.

The wide range of prints and designs is amazing and cool. Prints like chevron, haze, tie-and-dye, blocks, motifs, florals, abstracts, and polka dots look great when styled.

Tips to Look Attractive in a Casual Shirt

Here are some ways to help you style your printed casual, classy shirts for men.

Shirts for men

Layer them with Tee

The best way to add some fun to your off-duty style is to pair a dress shirt with a casual t-shirt. Playing with colors and mixing prints and designs is a great way to style casual shirts. Wear a plain casual t-shirt and pair it with a printed casual shirt, such as chevron or haze, block or abstract, checkered or striped (although striped and checked shirts are not included in the formal shirt category).  

Match it with a casual T-shirt or fold the sleeves for a stylish and casual look that you can wear as you like. Try wearing a T-shirt in a contrasting color for a stylish look. 

Pair Casual Shirts for men with Cargo

Cargo pants for men are very trendy these days. The reason is simple. Because they're durable, affordable, versatile, and very easy to find. Men's Cargo  pants are available in various colors like white, black, grey, khaki, brown, etc. You can also enjoy dressy casual coordination by combining a plain T-shirt or dress shirt with ankle boots.

Shirts can give a formal or semi-formal feel when paired with formal pants, but if you want a casual style, you should always opt for casual bottoms, depending on where you are. You can always choose shorts for the beach, sweatpants for a night out or movie date, or cargo pants for travel or gatherings. Style accordingly and look classy.

Accessories and Footwear are the Main characters

Men's printed shirts, shoes, and accessories are two key ingredients for styling and looking smart. Just casually add accessories to create a chic and elegant impression. Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and watches, sunglasses, and rings look great when styled correctly. You can wear sneakers, trainers, loafers, sliders, and boots for a casual look.

It's also about location. Bandanas, sunglasses, and flip-flops can be worn on the beach, and many other styling ideas can be implemented depending on your outfit and location.

Style them with Jackets 

Denim jackets are great all year. Wear it with a plain t-shirt on warm days or over a hoodie or sweatshirt on cool days. These jackets are very common among teenagers and adults today. Perfect for elevating a casual outfit.
It is definitely suitable for formal occasions. However, for days when you want to keep things in style and under control, you can opt for a blazer that's unfussy. Wear it with jeans over a checked shirt or a simple T-shirt. This style is perfect for a smart, casual and glamorous look.

Regardless of the pattern, printed shirts look great with denim jackets and stadium jackets. A designer-printed shirt can also be worn under a blazer for a semi-formal look. Just by paying attention to the color and design, you can complete a casual outfit with a sense of neatness. Pro tip: Play around with colors and textures for a stylish look.


Joggers look great

Joggers are one of the most comfortable garments for men. These pants were originally designed for sports, but their versatility and comfort have made them a favorite garment among men. When properly paired with the right tops like t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, it's perfect for making your off-time look super smart. Pairing sneakers with joggers is definitely the best choice.

Pair your casual dotted shirts or shirts with any print and joggers with any of the designs from the Tistabene store, and make sure you look great.

Try Them on with Denim Jeans

Jeans are part of every man's wardrobe. Wear it with casual shirts to make the whole style look great. Jeans have always been the most popular clothing item for men. It's comfortable to wear, and it's perfect for taking your off-time style to the next level. You can even try denim style shirts with denim jeans in different shades. Try denim jeans with your casual shirts and rock your style.

Wrap up

To make your casual scene really glamorous and classy, you must definitely have the Tistabene style above. These styles make you feel comfortable and look more elegant. A simple answer or solution to the question of what to wear today is 'casual shirts'. Printed casual shirts look classy anywhere and with anything. The fast-paced world of fashion and trends has created a plethora of designs and prints for his casual shirts that look great when worn. Therefore, you should try some new styles that make you feel unique.