Winter is the perfect season to showcase your style, and one wardrobe essential that never goes out of fashion is the classic varsity jacket. At Tistabene, we understand the importance of staying trendy even in chilly weather. In this guide, we'll explore how to effortlessly rock varsity this winter, including insights into the latest trends and the best colour combinations.

The Classic Black Varsity Jacket

When in doubt, go classic! A black varsity jacket is a timeless choice that complements almost any outfit. Pair it with a varsity shirt and jeans for a laid-back yet stylish look. The versatility of black makes it a staple in every winter wardrobe, offering a sleek and polished appearance that's perfect for various occasions.

New Varsity Jacket Styles

Explore the latest additions to the jacket collection. Tistabene proudly introduces a range of new varsity jackets in stunning styles and cuts. From the bottle green varsity jacket to the eye-catching pink varsity jacket and the cool light blue varsity jacket, our collection is designed to cater to diverse tastes. Stay ahead of the fashion curve by incorporating these fresh styles into your winter wardrobe.

Opt for Unique Combinations

Dare to be different by experimenting with unique color combinations. Mix and match your bottle green varsity with a contrasting pant shirt for a bold statement. Alternatively, pair a light blue varsity with neutral tones for a balanced and classy look. The best varsity jacket colour combinations are those that reflect your personality while keeping you warm and stylish throughout the winter season.

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Smart Layering: Varsity Jacket with Jeans

For a casual and comfortable ensemble, style your  jacket with a classic pair of jeans. This failsafe combination strikes the perfect balance between laid-back and put-together. Whether you're heading to a weekend brunch or a casual outing, a cool varsity with jeans is the perfect duo.

Elevate Your Look: Varsity Jacket with Varsity Shirt

For a coordinated and sporty look, pair your jacket with a matching varsity shirt. This combination exudes an effortlessly cool vibe, making it an ideal choice for college events or weekend outings. Tistabene's collection includes a variety of varsity shirts that perfectly complement our range of jackets, allowing you to curate a harmonious and stylish ensemble.

Strike a Balance: Pant Shirt with Jacket

For a more polished appearance, opt for a pant shirt with jacket. Choose a crisp button-down shirt in neutral tones to balance the casual aesthetic of the jacket. This combination is perfect for semi-formal occasions where you want to make a statement without compromising on style.

Styling Varsity Jackets

Complete your winter look by incorporating accessories that enhance the charm of your jacket. Consider adding a sleek beanie or a patterned scarf for an extra layer of warmth and style while styling the jacket. Don't shy away from experimenting with statement sneakers or boots to elevate your overall ensemble.

Versatility Beyond Seasons: Transitioning Stylishly

The beauty of these jackets lies in their ability to seamlessly transition between seasons. As the winter chill begins to wane, don't stow away your favorite jackets just yet. Instead, pair your varsity with a simple t-shirt and lightweight chinos for a spring-ready look. The adaptability of these jackets ensures that your investment in style extends far beyond the winter months.

Casual Fridays: Office-Friendly Varsity Jackets

If your workplace allows a casual dress code, introduce a touch of laid-back style with an office-friendly varsity ensemble. Opt for a dark-hued jacket, like the classic black, and pair it with tailored trousers and a crisp shirt. This subtle blend of casual and formal elements strikes the perfect balance for a polished yet relaxed office look.


Mastering the art of rocking varsity jackets in the winter season is all about expressing your unique style while staying warm and comfortable. Tistabene's collection of varsity jackets offers a perfect blend of classic and contemporary styles, ensuring you stand out in the crowd. From the timeless black jacket to the bold and vibrant hues of the new styles, our range caters to every fashion enthusiast.

This winter, redefine your wardrobe with Tistabene's jackets, and let your style speak volumes in every chilly breeze. Whether you prefer the classic black or the trendy bottle green, pink, or light blue, our collection has the perfect varsity waiting for you. Embrace the season with confidence and flair, and make a lasting impression with Tistabene's winter fashion essentials.