Men’s bottomwear is something that needs to be perfect to make your outfit complete and look terrific. The bottom you wear should match your topwear. You should make sure that you follow the size chart and a lot more things while selecting bottomwear. Here is a complete guide to follow to style your bottomwear. Read on to find your right styling tips.

Guide For Denim Jeans For Men

Various types of men's stylish denim jeans have long been one of the basic items in a man's wardrobe. Here's comprehensive information on how different jeans fit, what styles they come in, and which men's body types work best. If you've ever wondered, "Which jeans should I buy and what should I consider when buying jeans?", you're not alone. Most men have tried on numerous jeans for the right fit.

Denim jeans | Tistabene

Keep the Budget In Mind

Always set a budget in your head. Keep the priorities the same. You should decide in advance how much money you will spend on clothing, including jeans. India has many of the best clothing brands that offer quality jeans. Planning your budget is important and one of the things to consider when buying jeans so you can decide what else to buy.

Take Care of The Fit

Jeans should fit correctly and should match your height. Because it doesn't look good when not worn with proper size. Experiment for proper fit. Even if you love stylish jeans, comfort, and fit should not be neglected. 

Comfort Should Be Counted

Comfort is a very important factor when it comes to clothing. Because sometimes we need to wear them for straight two days at a time, the pants need to be comfortable so you can sit, walk, and stay comfortable in them. Try to buy something that you can be comfortable with, not just ankle-cut jeans mens, or boot-cut jeans, but other patterns as well.

Guide For Joggers

Sweatpants are all the range these days due to their comfort and stylish look. There are many bottoms such as men's Joggers pants that are comfortable and at the same time very stylish. they are very versatile. Jogger pants from Tistabene are popular not only with adults but also with many students.


Get Them In Different Colors

Sweatpants come in a variety of colors and designs. Tie-dye jogging pants, plain jogging pants, etc. The primary colors blue, black, and gray are very common for men. However, some brands offer these pants in great bright colors. Perfect for doing fitness activities.

They are Affordable 

You can find jogger pants at very affordable prices both online and offline. Just need to research it. While some jogging pants can be very expensive, some brands often offer special offers on their websites. You just need to be aware of them. In this way, you can get high-quality joggers at affordable an price from Tistabene.

Easily Available 

These pants are easy to find offline and online. It's so stylish that you can tell it's available in any store. There are various designs and colors, so you can choose according to your taste. It is also easily available online. Just search for it and you'll see tons of options on your screen.

Guide For Cargo

Men's cargo pants are timeless, fashionable, and versatile. It helps you achieve a casual look easily. When talking about cargo, it is really comfortable and stylish at the same time. It has also been observed to attract the attention of many young men.

Cargo pants for men

Get The Right Length

Cargo pants look great with boots and heels. Pants should always sit just above your ankles and should not be too big to allow them to slide to the floor. Team these trousers with ankle boots for a special look.

Choose The Right Fit

It is common to tend to buy pants one size larger than your actual size. Using the wrong fir tree can ruin the whole look. Styling cargo pants for mens is easy, only the thing that needs to be considered is always choosing the correct size. Not more than one inch, not less than one inch, just perfect.

Guide For Trousers

Trousers are one of the best bottomwear to try on as formal wear. People wear them on semi-formal occasions and in clubs as well by pairing them with casual shirts. You can pair them with any of the topwear apparel of your choice. Try them on from the Tistabene collection and make sure you look great.


Wear them formally

One of the best and firmest ways to wear a pair of trousers is by pairing them with formal shirts or t-shirts and styling them. Try wearing them on your favorite shirts or polo t-shirts for a great look. 

Wear them Casually

There are always these T-shirts or casual shirts that can be paired with casual bottomwear to make sure that your look stays on the point and you better nail it. Try trousers from Tistabene and look smart. 


These are some of the styling guides for cargo, trousers, joggers, and denim jeans for men which are stylish, smart, and make you look classy. You can always rely on the Tistabene collection for buying them and later style them to look great.