As we get closer to the festive season, it is the right time to dive into the world of traditional and ethnic fashion and explore the charm and elegance of the Kurta. Kurta for men has grown from being a traditional apparel to a highly versatile fashion statement that can be worn on any occasion or event. Whether it is a cultural event, religious festival, or a wedding, a kurta is a must have to get the perfect look. In this blog, we will get to know about the different varieties of kurtas available including embroidered kurta, plain kurta, printed kurta, black kurta for men and short kurta for men, that will help you to get a festive and stylish look.  

Printed Kurta for Men: A Splash of Color

If you are looking towards putting some colour and character to the festive section of your closet, printed kurtas are an excellent choice. These printed kurtas come in a large variety of patterns and prints, making them a go-to choice for men wanting to stand out in the crowd.

Floral Prints:

For summer and spring celebrations, floral printed kurtas are a classic choice. The delicate floral patterns give a soothing vibe and offer a vibrant and fresh look that is ideal for daytime events.

Abstract Designs:

Abstract prints add a modern and fashionable touch to your outfit. These designs can be worn for semi-formal gatherings as well as casually.

You can pair printed kurtas with matching or contrasting bottoms as per your preference and the occasion. The only thing to keep in mind is to balance the vibrant prints with solid-colored pajamas, trousers, or churidars for a well-balanced and coordinated look.


Embroidered Kurta: Elegance Personified

For grand and formal occasions, embroidered kurtas for men are the epitome of elegance. These embroidered kurtas for men showcase complex and handcrafted beautiful embroidery work that adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to your outfit. There are different types of embroidery work such as mirror work, zari embroidery and threadwork.

Short Kurta for Men: A Modern Twist

In the recent years, short kurtas have gained a lot of popularity and also offer a modern twist to the traditional kurta. These kurtas are branded by their short length, especially the ending at or above the knees, giving the kurtas a youthful and trendy look. Short kurtas are a perfect choice for semi-formal or casual gatherings during the festival season. These kurtas can be worn with jeans, dhoti pants or slim-fit pants. The main key is to look for the right balance between contemporary and traditional elements.

Black Kurta for Men: Classic Elegance

Black kurtas radiate classic elegance and are an excellent choice for formal and evening events. The colour black creates a sense of versatility and sophistication, further allowing you to style it in your own way.  For a sleek and minimalist appearance, you can go for a plain black kurta or a black kurta with subtle details and embroidery in order to add a touch of exceptionality. You can pair your black kurta with contrasting bottoms and modern or traditional accessories to create a perfect outfit for your occasion.

Kurta Design for Men: Customizing Your Style

Kurta designs for men offer a wide number of choices to select from. The neckline, length, cut, sleeve, and overall silhouette can differ significantly, allowing you to find the right design that matches your personal style and type.

Plain Kurta for Men: A Versatile Canvas

Plain kurtas for men are the pure work of ethnic fashion. They provide never ending possibilities of styling them with different accessories to create a unique personalised festival look. The simplicity of these kurtas allow you to experiment with matching or contrasting bottoms, colourful stoles, statement jewellery and footwear. Whether you look for a contemporary twist or a classic appearance, plain kurtas can help you by becoming a base for your creativity.


The festive season is the right time for embracing the utmost beauty of kurta for men. Whether you choose an embroidered kurta for an elegant touch or a printed kurta for a lively and vibrant appearance, a black kurta for classic sophistication or explore other designs, there is always an ideal choice for every event. The fashion of Kurtas will continue to evolve forever, offering a beautiful mix of modernity and tradition, providing all the men to express their individuality and style during the festive season. Check out Tistabene’s exclusive kurta collection for the best kurtas that match your style and personality.