In the ever-evolving landscape of men's fashion, printed shirts for men have become indispensable for expressing individuality and style. Tistabene, renowned as the best-printed shirt brand, goes beyond the conventional with its diverse collection, featuring Sanganeri print shirts, white printed shirts, black printed shirts, and more. In this extensive guide, we'll delve into the art of styling men's printed shirts, exploring a myriad of designs, including floral prints, abstract prints, and animal prints like leopard, tiger, and elephant. Additionally, we'll provide creative ideas on pairing these shirts with essentials like hoodies, sweaters and classic denim jeans, along with suggestions for the occasions to wear each type or color of shirt.

Printed shirts for men

Trendy Patterns for Printed Shirts

1. Floral Print Shirts

Floral printed shirts for men, including Sanganeri print shirts, are a perennial favorite, exuding timeless elegance and a touch of romantic charm. Tistabene's collection of floral print shirts for men encompasses a spectrum of colors and designs, allowing you to incorporate nature-inspired motifs into your wardrobe. Whether it's a white printed shirt with delicate florals or a black shirt printed with bold blooms, floral prints add a refined and stylish element to your look.

Styling Tip: Pair a flower print shirt with tailored chinos for a polished and formal appearance. Opt for neutral tones in trousers to let the floral pattern, especially Sanganeri prints, take center stage. If it’s a Floral back printed shirt then pair it with understated bottoms – solid-colored chinos or classic denim – to allow the back printed shirts to shine.

Occasion:  floral shirt for men is Ideal for weddings, garden parties, and semi-formal events.

2. Sanganeri Print Shirts

Explore the rich heritage of Rajasthan with Sanganeri print shirts from Tistabene. These shirts showcase the traditional block printing technique, infusing a touch of ethnic charm into your modern wardrobe. Whether it's a Jaipuri print shirt or Rajasthani printed shirts, embrace the cultural richness with these unique pieces.

Styling Tip: Pair Sanganeri print shirts with denim jeans for a fusion of traditional and contemporary style. Add ethnic accessories for an extra flair that pays homage to the craftsmanship of Rajasthan.

Occasion: Perfect for cultural events, traditional celebrations, and family gatherings.

3. Abstract Print Shirt

Elevate your style with Tistabene's abstract printed shirt, a unique fusion of modern art and fashion. Featuring unconventional and artistic patterns, these shirts add a contemporary flair to your wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd and express your individuality with these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Styling Tip: Experiment with accessories when wearing an abstract print shirt. Add statement jewelry or a bold watch to complement the artistic vibe.

Occasion: Ideal for art openings, fashion events, and occasions where individuality is celebrated.

4. Paisley print shirt

Paisley print shirts add a touch of bohemian charm to your wardrobe. Featuring the distinctive teardrop-shaped pattern, these shirts effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary style. Combining tradition with contemporary style, these shirts exude a bohemian charm that stands out.

Styling Tip: Pair a paisley print shirt with neutral-colored chinos or denim for a balanced look. Opt for understated accessories to let the intricate pattern shine.

Occasion: Ideal for casual outings, garden parties, or events where you want to infuse a hint of artistic flair into your attire.

5. Block Printed Shirts

Infuse an artistic flair into your wardrobe with Tistabene's block print shirt. These unique pieces showcase intricate patterns created through the traditional block printing technique, adding a touch of craftsmanship to your style.

Styling Idea: Treat block print shirts as statement pieces and keep the rest of the outfit simple. Pair them with solid-colored trousers to let the artistic patterns shine.

Occasion: Perfect for art exhibitions, cultural events, and occasions where creativity is celebrated.

6. Animal Print Shirt

Embracing the untamed allure of the animal kingdom, animal print shirts stand out as a bold and stylish choice, allowing individuals to express their adventurous and daring fashion sense. Among the diverse range of animal prints, including leopard, tiger, cheetah, lion, camel, zebra, and elephant, each design carries a distinctive charm that adds a fierce edge to your wardrobe.

Mens animal print shirt

Leopard Print Shirt

The classic allure of leopard print exudes confidence and sophistication. Featuring golden or brown spots on a neutral background, a leopard print shirt effortlessly captures attention. Styling this print involves pairing it with black or brown trousers for a refined yet daring look, making it suitable for evening events, parties, or occasions that demand a touch of glamour.

Tiger Print Shirt

Channeling the powerful and fierce aura of a tiger, a tiger print shirt makes a bold statement. With its striking orange and black stripes, this print commands attention. Styling tip: Opt for neutral bottoms to let the tiger pattern take center stage. Ideal for casual outings, the tiger print shirt adds an element of boldness to your everyday wardrobe.

Cheetah Print Shirt

Infused with playful energy, cheetah prints feature irregular spots on a golden background. Styling this print involves pairing it with earthy tones for a balanced and stylish appearance. Whether it's a day out with friends or a casual gathering, a cheetah print shirt adds a touch of liveliness to your ensemble.

Lion Print Shirt

Capturing the regal and majestic essence of a lion, a lion print shirt commands attention. Ideal for those who want to make a powerful statement, this print pairs well with solid-colored bottoms. Wear it to evening events or occasions where a bold and fearless look is embraced.

Camel Print Shirt

Introducing a unique and desert-inspired style, the camel print features charming camel motifs. Styling this print involves pairing it with khaki or beige trousers for a laid-back yet distinctive look. Perfect for casual outings, the camel print shirt adds a touch of warmth to your wardrobe.

Zebra Print Shirt

Strutting with confidence in the timeless monochrome appeal of zebra prints, this design features bold black and white stripes. Styling tip: Pair it with black or white bottoms for a classic and stylish outfit. Ideal for casual outings or events where you want to stand out with a touch of wild elegance.

Elephant Print Shirt

Showcasing a love for wildlife, elephant prints bring charm to your wardrobe. Styling this print involves pairing it with earthy tones for a casual yet eclectic appearance. Whether it's a relaxed weekend or a casual outing, the elephant print shirt adds a touch of whimsy to your look.

Occasion: Ideal for casual outings, parties, and events where a bold and adventurous look is embraced.

Hues of Printed Shirts That are in Fashion For Men

White Printed Shirt

A white printed shirt is a versatile wardrobe staple that combines the timeless class of a classic white shirt with the added flair of subtle prints. Tistabene's best white printed shirts feature delicate patterns that elevate the traditional white shirt, making it a versatile option for various occasions.

white printed shirt

Styling Advice: For a smart casual look, wear a white patterned shirt with dark denim jeans. Roll up the sleeves for a relaxed vibe, and add a leather belt and stylish sneakers to complete the ensemble.

Occasion: Suitable for business casual settings, daytime events, and casual Fridays at the office.

Black Printed Shirt

A black printed shirt with bold designs adds an edgy and stylish element to your wardrobe. Tistabene's collection of black printed shirts features intricate patterns that make a statement while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

black printed shirt

Styling Advice: Dress up a black printed shirt by pairing it with tailored black trousers. This monochromatic look is perfect for evening events, parties, or when you want to make a bold fashion statement.

Occasion: Ideal for night outs, parties, and events that call for a touch of sophistication.

Blue Printed Shirt

Blue printed shirts exude effortless coolness and are perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Tistabene offers a range of blue patterned shirts for men in different shades and patterns, allowing you to find the ideal match for your style.

red printed shirt

Styling Advice: Pair a blue printed shirt with beige or khaki trousers for a relaxed yet put-together look. This combination is perfect for brunches, outdoor events, or a casual day at the office.

Occasion: Versatile enough for casual Fridays, beach outings, and daytime events.

Red Printed Shirts

Introduce a pop of color to your wardrobe with a red printed shirt. Whether it's a new printed shirt or an abstract print shirt in red hues, Tistabene has options that make a bold and stylish statement.

red printed shirt

Styling Advice: Keep the rest of the outfit neutral when wearing a red printed shirt. Opt for black or grey trousers for a balanced and eye-catching ensemble.

Occasion: Suitable for parties, date nights, and events where you want to stand out.

Yellow Printed Shirt

For a vibrant and playful look, consider a yellow printed shirt. Tistabene's yellow printed shirts come in a range of designs, from subtle motifs to bold patterns, allowing you to infuse energy and warmth into your outfit.

yellow printed shirt

Styling Advice: Balance the vibrancy of a yellow printed shirt with neutral-colored bottoms. Opt for grey or navy trousers for a cool look that lets the yellow shirt stand out.

Occasion: Perfect for casual gatherings, summer events, and outdoor festivities.

Green Printed Shirt

For a touch of nature-inspired elegance, consider a green printed shirt. Whether it's floral prints or abstract designs, Tistabene offers a range of green patterned shirts to elevate your style.

green printed shirt

Stylist Advice: Pair a green printed shirt with beige or white trousers for a fresh and sophisticated look. This combination is perfect for outdoor events or a casual day out.

Occasion: Suitable for garden parties, nature walks, and daytime social events.

Optimal Combinations of Printed Shirts for Men

Cotton Printed Shirts with Hoodies: Casual Comfort with an Edge

Layering a shirt with a hoodie adds an element of casual comfort with an edge. Tistabene's collection includes cotton printed shirts that pair effortlessly with hoodies for men, creating a laid-back and stylish look.

Stylist Advice: Wear a patterned or white cotton printed shirt under a neutral-toned hoodie. Complete the ensemble with jeans and sneakers for a cool and relaxed vibe that works well for weekends or casual outings.

Sweater with Collared Shirt: Cozy and Refined

When the temperature drops, layering a sweater over a collared printed shirt adds warmth and refinement to your outfit. Tistabene's printed shirts are designed to complement sweaters, allowing you to create stylish winter-ready ensembles.

Stylist Advice: Choose a white or patterned collared shirt and layer a solid-coloured sweater over it. This combination works well with both jeans and trousers, making it versatile for various occasions.

Denim Jeans: The Perfect Companion

Printed shirts effortlessly pair with classic denim jeans, creating a timeless and versatile combination. Tistabene's diverse collection ensures you find the best printed shirts to complement your favorite pair of jeans.

Stylist Advice: Opt for a black or blue printed shirt with denim jeans for a casual and stylish look. Roll up the sleeves and add a leather belt for a touch of rugged charm.


In conclusion, Tistabene's guide on styling men's printed shirts showcases the brand's commitment to offering the best printed shirts that cater to diverse tastes and occasions. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of floral prints, the boldness of patterns, or the classic look of white, blue, black, or yellow printed shirts, Tistabene has you covered. Experiment with layering options, such as shirts with hoodies or sweaters, and create stylish ensembles that express your individuality. Elevate your wardrobe with Tistabene's printed shirts for men, featuring Sanganeri prints, floral prints, and a plethora of other designs, and make a statement with every outfit you wear.