Festival season is all about wearing beautiful printed or embroidered kurtas for a traditional and sanskari feel. Festivals feel incomplete without kurtas. Nowadays, people have started wearing kurtas as casual wear too. There are many different types of kurtas to suit every occasion from weddings, festivals, workplace to casual outing. You can style a kurta for every place and occasion. Tistabene offers a wide range of kurtas to suit your style and occasion including printed kurta for men, embroidered kurta, short kurta for men, black kurta for men, plain kurta for men and more in a wide variety of colours, prints and designs. Let’s have a deeper look into the world of kurtas:

The Charm of Printed Kurtas

Printed kurtas carry a special appeal that combines style and tradition effortlessly. These kurtas are adorned with intricate designs, patterns and motifs, making them a sign of India’s rich textile heritage. Whether you are heading for a small family function, religious ceremony or a big festival, a printed kurta design for men is the ideal choice that highlights culture and elegance. Printed kurtas have a number of benefits that are the reason why many people have started going for printed kurtas for every other occasion.Top of Form

Versatility in Design-

Printed kurtas are available in a wide range of designs, allowing everyone to get one that suits their style and preference. Whether you prefer abstract motifs, delicate florals, bold geometric patterns or traditional block prints, there is a kurta to match your occasion and taste. The high versatility of these designs helps you find a printed kurta that is suitable for both formal as well as casual events.

Vibrant Color Palette-

One of the most attractive features of printed kurtas is their vibrant and diverse colour palette. From bright and vivid hues to deep earthy tones, printed kurtas offer a mixture of colours to choose from. This wide range of colours allows men to select a printed kurta that suits their personal preference, mood of the event and the season.

Comfort and Breathability-

One of the key traits that makes printed kurtas a favourite choice is their comfort. Printed kurtas are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk, that allow air circulation and keeps you comfortable and cool even on hot days. This comfort and breathability of printed kurtas is highly valued during the outdoor events and summer festivals.

printed kurta for men

Perfect Blend of Tradition and Trend

Printed kurtas can flawlessly combine contemporary fashion with tradition. These kurtas capture the spirit of traditional Indian craftsmanship while familiarising with the modern tastes. The intricately designed motifs and patterns on printed kurtas carry a meaning of the country’s rich textile heritage. These beautiful designs add a cultural and authentic feel to your look, making it a fashion choice that respects and compliments tradition.

Perfect for Casual Wear-

Printed kurtas have made a special corner in the world of casual fashion. These kurtas offer the perfect blend of style and comfort, making them a perfect choice for daily wear. Whether you are going shopping, meeting friends for a coffee or heading to work, a printed kurta can provide you a perfect relaxed look. You can pair the printed kurta with jeans for a casual look.

Elegance in Formal Wear-

While printed kurtas are a great choice for casual wear, they are also an ideal fit for formal occasions. A well-chosen printed kurta can be a fashionable alternative to a regular traditional formal attire. By going for a printed kurta with a subtle design and a rich colour, you can highlight grace and sophistication. Pairing with tailored pants or churidars, these kurtas can be a perfect outfit for formal events and special gatherings.


Printed kurtas are available at wholesale prices to cater your budget. While there are many cheaper options available in the market, considering the high-quality fabric and ensuring that it not only looks good but is also durable is important. Tistabene provides the best quality kurtas to match your preferences. Investing in Tistabene’s high-quality kurtas can be a great investment in a long-lasting fashion that allows you to enjoy their charm for years.

Printed kurtas have fairly earned their place as a fashion staple in the modern fashion. Kurtas exude eternal charm and versatility that adapts to a wide variety of events, from formal events to casual outings. These kurtas offer an artistic canvas of bright colours and intricate designs that capture the beauty and soul of traditional craftsmanship, celebrating and respecting India’s rich textile heritage. Whether you are looking for elegant printed kurtas for their everyday comfort and style or formal occasions, these kurtas beautifully cover the gap between the modern and traditional fashion. They effortlessly make a statement while embracing the culture. This makes Tistabene’s printed kurtas a perfect choice for people looking for both substance and style in your wardrobe.

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