In the constantly changing world of fashion, traditional attire still make a place in every man’s wardrobe, The kurta is a prime example of this forever trend. Kurta for men has become a stylish and versatile choice, whether you are going for a festive celebration, attending a formal event, or looking towards adding an elegant touch to your daily look. Out of the wide variety of designs and fabrics available in the market, kurtas are known for their luxurious and majestic look that can truly improve your fashion game. Let’s explore the aura of kurtas for men, including short kurtas, printed kurtas, embroidered kurtas, and more.

Printed Kurta: A Dash of Individuality

A Printed kurta is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a touch of uniqueness to their outfit. Though traditional kurta is plain, various designers have started offering printed kurtas that include a richness of fabric along with intricate patterns. Whether it is a bold geometric design or subtle floral patterns, any printed kurta can add a stylish touch to the classic kurta for men. Pairing these printed kurtas with pain trousers can give you a balanced look.


Velvet Kurta: The Epitome of Elegance

When it’s time to make a bold fashion statement, very few fabrics are able to match the lavishness of Velvet. Velvet kurtas for men show an aura of luxury, making them a perfect choice for special events and occasions. The lustrous finish and rich texture of velvet gives an instant upgrade to any kurta, spinning around a simple cloth into a rich and luxurious masterpiece. The velvet kurta design for men is available in different colours, but the one and only timeless choice remains is the black kurta, radiating sophistication and class.  

Embroidered Kurta: Intricate Detailing

For many centuries, embroidery has been a big part of Indian Fashion giving a breathtaking look to the classic kurta. Embroidered kurtas are the essence of richness and luxury since they are crafted by skilled artisans creating intricate patterns carefully with the help of a wide variety of threads and embellishments. The embroidery done on the kurta is most of the time inspired by modern designs or traditional motifs, helping you to go with the style that matches your preference and personality.

Short Kurta: The Contemporary Twist

For people looking for a modern and casual look, a short kurta for men is a perfect choice. Short kurtas can provide a unique blend of style as well as comfort. These kurtas can be worn with chinos or jeans for a chic everyday look or for special occasions can be dressed with traditional accessories. A short kurta offers a perfect fusion of contemporary as well as traditional style.

Plain Kurta: Understated Elegance

Sometimes the simple answer for people looking for simplicity in their outfits is the ultimate sophistication. A plain kurta for men shows refinement and elegance. The rich and luxurious fabric itself is more than enough to make a style statement, so a plain kurta is a perfect canvas for showcasing your favourite accessories. Improve your whole look with stylish footwear, a statement necklace, and a stole to add a personal touch.

Accessorizing Your Kurta

The right accessories can change your kurta totally into a true fashion statement. A few tips for how to accessorise your kurta are-

  • Stole or shawl- In cold weather, you can style your kurta with a stylish shawl or stole to add flair and warmth to your attire.
  • Safa or turban- For weddings and formal events you can add a matching safa or turban with your outfit to give a complete traditional look.
  • Statement jewelry- Incorporating bold accessories such as cufflinks, a brooch, or a necklace can help you elevate the whole look.
  • Mojari or Juttis- To add a touch of authenticity to your look, you can go for some traditional footwear such as Juttis or Mojari.

Wrap up

Kurta for men is a symbol of tradition, luxury, and grace. It offers a variety of styling options such as plain kurtas, embroidered kurtas, printed kurtas, or short kurtas. The best way to carry this look with style is by carrying any accessories of your choice based on the occasion you are wearing it for. So, gentlemen, consider wearing a kurta next time you plan to make a fashion statement. With the help of the right color, accessories, and design, you can add a royal touch that will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

October 22, 2023 — Kapil Agarwal