T-shirts are considered to be the best and most comfortable outfit of choice for nearly everyone, regardless of the occasion. There are so many secret ways you can style yourself by adding a few secrets to your outfit. 

Wearing a solid round neck t-shirt with the right bottomwear and accessories will give you the perfect look. Wearing a T-shirt for the occasion will make you look amazingly stylish. The market is full of these men’s t-shirts in different prints, designs, and fabrics. Below are few tips or secrets to make your t-shirts look great and to choose the perfect t-shirt for you.

Good For The Perfect Fit

T-shirts should either be fitted to you or oversized to maintain your look. A T-shirt that doesn't fit either size doesn't look good. The fitted t-shirt can be paired with any pants depending on the occasion. Opt for shorts for a night out, or cargo or denim for parties and casual occasions for the perfect look.

Look For The Color Combination

If you match the color with the rest of what you're wearing and accentuate the color perfectly, you'll look perfect. Perfectly matching the color of your bottomwear and, if necessary, accessories will make you look stylish, as wearing tops and bottoms with matching colors be it tie dye t shirts, on the contrary, is an important rule to bring your outfit together.

oversized t-shirt

Playing with colors and combining designs and colors will make it look perfect. Please try to match the color of the clothes before wearing them.

Take Care Of The Neck Type

The neckline of a t-shirt can change the overall look, so knowing which neckline to wear and when to wear it is very important. Depending on the location, it may be cool to wear a T-shirts for men on the right side of your neck. It doesn't necessarily mean that you only need to wear or look good on a certain neck type. You can always rely on multiple collars for the best results.

Printed or solid tees

Plain T-shirts and printed T-shirts are two different types of T-shirts. Plain tees are available in solid colors and in a variety of colors, while printed tees are printed all over or only in specific areas and look great with the right bottomwear. Plain shirts can be worn on regular occasions and are perfect for everyday wear. Printed tees, on the other hand, can be worn in a variety of locations, such as the beach, a night out, the gym, or casual wear.

Pair Them By Tucking Them In

A shirt is an ideal partner for a man. They choose it every time and wear it everywhere they go. If you like wearing shirts and T-shirts, you can wear both together to create your own style. Pairing a T-shirt with a shirt in a contrasting color makes it look stylish and classy when worn like a jacket.

A simple basic rule is to keep one side solid and the other side printed so the designs don't mix and you maintain a stylish look. Pairing an airplane T-shirt with a different colored airplane T-shirt, such as a white T-shirt or a blue shirt, will create a balanced and fashionable look.

Look After The Print And Graphic

If you are planning to buy a fancy t-shirt for men, it is very important to take a close look at the prints and graphics before purchasing. Choose prints that look trendy and appealing. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you have to buy cheap, high-quality printed T-shirts. Once you wash these T-shirts, the print will disappear.

graphics t-shirts

Stick Onto Your Budget

Don't compromise on your budget. Be sure to buy printed T-shirts within your budget. Let's say you have a T-shirt that is made of very good fabric and stitching but is a bit expensive. Don't stretch your budget. Research; There's a good chance you can get the same T-shirt for less on another app.

Go With The Basics

I really recommend having a T-shirt in basic colors in your wardrobe as it is very easy to mix and match with other clothes. At a minimum, you should have collar t-shirts or polo t-shirts in your closet in solid blue, white, black, gray, and neutral colors.

Perfect Fitting

A perfect t-shirt needs a perfect fit. No one wants to look like they have a loose t-shirt hanging on a hanger or that they are always wearing a t-shirt that is too tight and uncomfortable. Always choose the right size for yourself, not around 1 inch.


T-shirts are one of the best and most comfortable topwear to style on as they can be gone with any occasion with any of the bottom wear. You can always rely on the tistabene collection for t-shirts and their pair to style and change your styling method with any other t-shirts. 

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