Look around yourself, and you will find so many men in those basic t-shirts, be they loose fit, slim fit, funky t shirts for men, plain tees, etc. Men love wearing this simple piece of clothing for simple reasons: it is versatile, affordable, easy to find, and one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing. 

Men always wish to style themselves in simple and comfortable pieces of clothing. Honestly, what is better than a t-shirt, for that matter? T-shirts are definitely a staple in every man's wardrobe. Want to go on a casual date? Wear a t-shirt along with a pair of jeans. Want to go to a football match on weekends? Nothing is better than wearing a pair of cargo joggers and a t-shirt. There are many different situations where t-shirts just fit perfectly, giving you that stylish and relaxed look. 

Difference Between Slim Fit And Loose Fit T-Shirts


You might get confused when you go shopping about which t-shirt to buy. There are so many options out there. The two basic types of t-shirts preferred by men are slim-fit and loose-fit t-shirts.

Now you might be wondering what the difference is between the two of them. As the name suggests, slim-fit t-shirts snuggle up to your skin, giving your body the perfect look. On the other hand, loose-fitting t-shirts or baggy ones have a loose fit and float around your body. They are usually 2 sizes bigger than your actual size.

Tips To Style Slim-Fit T-Shirts For Men

Men's T-shirts

1. Go Well With The Dress Code

There are many occasions where you require a formal setting, such as a suit, formal pants, formal shirts, etc. You should know your dress code well before attending any event, you cannot wear casual clothes for ceremonial events. This will make you look like the odd one out. 

Undoubtedly, t-shirts are stylish and comfortable pieces of clothing, but you cannot wear them as formal attire. And no matter how good you look in them, avoid wearing them when not required.

2. Know Your Body Type 

Before buying a slim-fit t-shirt for yourself, you should know your body type well. There are five types of body types: trapezoid, oval, rectangular, triangle, and inverted triangle. Know which is your body type, and then buy yourself a t-shirt accordingly. 

3. Choose The Right Neck Type: Crew-Neck Or V-Neck.

Men with fitter bodies should go with V-neck t-shirts, as the deep neck helps them flaunt their well-built chests. The V-neck t-shirts help create the illusion of height and are perfect for men with a shorter and narrower neck area. 

If you haven't visited the gym lately and have that thinner appearance, then crew-neck t-shirts are definitely for you. This style covers your neck region and does not draw attention towards your upper body. 

4. Go With The Basic Colors 

There are plenty of designs available for t-shirts, from funky t shirts for men to graphic prints to monochromatic designs. No doubt they look great, but having some basic or neutral colors in your wardrobe for t-shirts is a must. Go with white, black, blue, grey, and some neutral-colored t-shirts. 

These basic color t-shirts give you a stylish appearance when used for layering with other apparel. 

Pair Your Slim-Fit T-Shirts With The Following Apparel 

a) With Denim Jeans  

If you are planning a night out with your friends, then wear a slim-fit in light colors with your light wash denim jeans. You can even go with this look on a Saturday at your office

b) With Jogger Pants 

You can style your slim-fit t-shirts with cargo joggers men, for those weekend basketball matches. Complete the look with running shoes and you are good to go. 

c) With A Pair Of Shorts 

Planning to go to a beach party? You should definitely wear shorts along with a slim-fit t-shirt to keep yourself stylish and relaxed throughout. This is the most comfortable combo for a summer day out.

d) With Cotton Pants 

You can definitely wear your slim-fit t-shirts with a pair of cotton pants for men. This is the perfect go-to look while hanging out with friends.Complete you look with a pair of loafers for a smarter appearance.

Suggestions On How To Style Your Loose-Fit Shirts 

 1. Make It Look Loose 

It is really important to have a t-shirt that will give you a baggy appearance. Make sure you buy a t-shirt several sizes larger than your ideal size. Baggy t-shirts simply mean t-shirts that have a loose look, and for that, ditch your standard size t-shirts.

2. Make It Look Casual 

Never try to pair your loose t-shirts with formal apparel. That will just give you a clownish appearance and won't make you look bold. Pair your baggy or loose t-shirts with casual garments only. 

3. Go With Prints And Patterns 

You can surely opt for prints and patterns on oversized or loose t-shirts. They willmake you look really smart and cool.Pair them with the right bottom wear and accessories them well for a chic look.

4. Keep The Look As Simple As You Can 

When it comes to styling loose t-shirts, it is advisable to keep them as simple as possible. Avoid wearing too many accessories, as they can break down your entire look. 

5. Layer Your Loose T-Shirts 

Yes, you can layer your loose t-shirts for a smarter look. Wearing a loose half-sleeve t-shirt over a tight full sleeve t-shirt, loose half-sleeve t-shirt over a tight full-sleeve t-shirt, sweater, or even collared t-shirt will look good, for that matter. 

6. Say No To Tucking In

Avoid tucking in your loose-fit t-shirts. Tucking in will simply make you look like you're floating or a stick covered in clothes. Let your t-shirts flow for that relaxed look. 

Pair Your Loose-Fit T-Shirts With The Following Apparel 


1.  With Loose Pants 

Baggy t-shirts really go well with loose pants. You can wear them to night outs, hangouts, and trips, and you will stay stylish and comfortable throughout. 

2. With Slim-Fit Pants 

For a balanced look, wear your loose-fit t-shirts with slim-fit pants. You won't have to compromise on comfort with this style. Wear a pair of white sneakers below which will compliment your entire look really well.

3. With Denim Jeans 

You can definitely wear light-colored loose t-shirts with dark wash denim jeans, or vice versa, for a put-together look.This is the classic combo and a pair of sneakers can never go wrong with it. 

Finishing Up:

When it comes to comfort, t-shirts are the most comfortable pieces of clothing. Above are some tips to style your loose-fit and slim-fit t-shirts for a balanced look.