When getting ready for a business meeting or for a drink at the club, wearing the correct apparel is really a mandatory thing. Every man wishes to make an impression everywhere he goes. The clothes you wear say a lot about you in person. You might be a great businessman, but if you don't have the proper sense of fashion, your entire personality may just fade out. 

When it comes to shirts, surely every man has dozens of them. But are they the correct ones? Does your wardrobe really need them? Or they were just trending, so you got them? Well, there might be a lot of things, but why waste money on such apparel that will just pile up and cover the space of your wardrobe. We have some must-have shirts from Tistabene that you need in your closet right away. 

10 Shirts You Definitely Need In Your Closet 

1. Check Shirts 

Checks shirts

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These shirts just enhance the personality to the next level. They are available in different colors and patterns that suit every man. They really do elevate your style further and are a staple that is avoided by none. 

You can wear check shirts on any casual occasion, like birthdays, parties, hanging out with friends, at the beach on a summer day, and a lot more. You can even wear them in a smart-casual setting under an unstructured blazer.

2. Stripes Shirts

Striped shirts

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These shirts are great to enhance your formal look. Striped shirts work well with tailored suits and formal pants. There are varieties of colors and designs available to complete your look. 

These shirts can be worn for formal business meetings, or simply at your office table. You can even wear them to ceremonial events, weddings, and other functions. They really elevate your personality when tucked in. 

3. Denim shirts 

Denim Shirts

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A pinch of class is really needed whenever you dress casually. These stylish shirts for men are great for such situations when the temperature outside gets a bit cool. You can layer them with a plain t-shirt, preferably in basic colors like white, black, and grey. 

These shirts are perfect to keep you stylish and warm during the cooler days. Blue is the most common color in denim shirts, but nowadays you will find many different designs and colors like black, white, etc. available. These shirts are really great to wear all year. 

4. Embroidered shirts 

Embroidred Shirt

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When we hear embroidered, we often think it is for women. Maybe not anymore; nowadays, you will find many embroidered shirts for men. There are so many designs and colors available for such shirts. 

You can wear these shirts to events like housewarming parties, traditional or cultural events, or even festivals. Pair them with the right bottom, and you are good to go. 

5. Solid shirts 

Solid shirt

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These shirts are perfect for both formal and informal settings. You can wear them from your office desk to the bar table and look like an absolute charm. 

To really enhance your look, pair them with formal pants, and don’t forget to tuck them in. You can even wear them with tailored suits to complete your formal attire. For that casual touch, wear them with chinos or a pair of jeans without tucking them in.

6. Printed shirts 

Printed Shirts

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Prints really have that craze among people these days. You can never go wrong with printed shirts in any situation. You can wear them to work or on a casual date night with your partner.

Always pair your printed shirts with neutral-colored pants so that the prints speak out loudly. Accessorise them well, and you are good to go. 

7. Tie-dye shirts 

Tie & Dye Shirt

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You might have noticed every adult or teen wearing a tie-dye print shirt. These print shirts are so in style that they are always out of stock on many websites. 

You can pair them with denim jeans or other trousers. Make sure to wear light-wash denim jeans with a dark-colored effect shirt and dark wash denim with a light-colored effect shirt. Complete the look with the appropriate footwear, and you are good to go.  

8. Half-sleeve shirts 

Half Sleeves Shirt

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These shirts are just perfect for the summer season. When in doubt, wear a half-sleeve shirt; they can be paired with shorts, jeans, trousers, etc. 

These shirts give you that perfect laid-back look suitable for all casual occasions. You can definitely have this piece of clothing in your luggage while going o a long summer vacation. 

9. Block print shirts 

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In Rajasthan? And you haven't gotten this shirt yet? I mean, that is really not a possible thing. These shirts perfectly represent the culture of Rajasthan and look really stunning when paired with neutral-colored trousers. 

The art of block printing has been practised in Rajasthan for 500 years now, and it is done using hands. There are many distinctive prints and eye-catching colors available on these shirts.

10. Floral print shirts 

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When we say go with the flow, we mean go with some floral prints. These prints are perfect for making your summer really colorful and vibrant. 

You can wear these shirts with any of your trousers, which contrast with the color of the shirt. Wear accessories like watches, bracelets, rings, and chains to complete the look. Also, remember to keep the accessories minimal so that they don’t overpower the look of your shirt. 

Finishing Up:

Shirts are the staples of every man’s wardrobe, and Tistabene has the best and most exclusive range of shirts for all the men out there. From printed to patterned to solid, you will get them all here, in the best quality and size, also they are really durable and versatile. The post has 10 shirts that are a must-have in your wardrobe from Tistabene.