We all are the same when it comes to pairing bottom wears with shirts. Mixing and matching the apparel to make the perfect pair is a hard task to perform and ends up making you confused. You have always faced the exact same problem and it’s normal. A timeless and versatile men's fashion choice, the black denim shirt has become a wardrobe staple around the world with its classy yet stylish look. However, finding the ideal pair of pants to complement your denim shirt can be difficult. Doing the right pairing is so very important in order to make a good impression as doing the wrong pairing can make your look a little nerdy. 

We’ve listed many ideas which you can try and mix and match your bottom wear with a black denim shirt from Tistabene to get the best of your look. 

Bottom Wear Which Can Be Paired With Black Denim Shirts

 When it comes to pairing pants or bottom wear with denim shirts for men, there are many options available to create a stylish and classy outfit and rock your look. Here are some versatile options to consider and rely on when you need to pair something with denim shirts or if you are looking for a pairing method.

Read on to find out your dressing style to make the look picture-perfect with Tistabene denim shirts. 

Classic Jeans 

Opt for jeans in a different shade than the denim shirt to create contrast. Dark blue or charcoal jeans work well and create a smart and balanced look.


Pair a denim shirt with chinos for a sophisticated and elegant look. Opt for khaki, beige, and olive green chinos to complement a denim shirt and add an elegant touch. You can buy both denim shirts as well as chinos from Tistabene for a timeless style. 


Elevate your look with a denim shirt and tailored trousers. Opt for trousers in neutral tones like grey, navy, and charcoal for a sleek, modern ensemble.


In the warmer months, you can pair a black denim shirt combination with shorts for a relaxed, casual look. Choose khaki, olive, or navy shorts for a balanced complementary color combination.


Sweatpant is considered to be the best and most comfortable bottom wear. Pairing your denim shirt with sweatpants for a more comfy look. Look for jogging pants in neutral colors like black, grey, and olive to create a cohesive and effortlessly cool outfit.

Cargo Pants

Pair with cargo pants to add functionality and sturdiness to your denim shirt. Opt for black or earthy cargo pants for a stylish look. Cargo pants and denim shirts are a great combination. 

Formal Pants

To create a more formal or dressy ensemble, you can pair a denim shirt with tailored dress pants. Dark gray or dark blue dress pants will help create an elegant and fashionable outfit. 

When choosing pants to match your denim shirt, keep in mind and consider the scene, your style, and your overall aesthetics. Experimenting with something which is out of the box is amazing.Also, don't hesitate to add your own touch to create a stylish and customized outfit.

Bottom Wear With Black Denim Shirt

Ways To Style Black Denim Shirts

Casual Outings:

For a casual outing, pair a denim shirt with fitted navy or black jeans. Fold and roll the sleeves up for a classy comfy look and catch the attraction.Team it with sneakers and boots for a comfortable, casual look. 

Weekend Brunch:

Pair beige or khaki chinos with a black denim shirt for a stylish weekend brunch look. A brown leather belt gives it an elegant look. Team it with loafers and boat shoes for an elegantly casual look. 

Office or Work Environment:

Pair your denim shirt with charcoal gray or navy suit pants for a more elegant and professional look. Tuck the shirt into the pants and add a skinny belt for a slim silhouette. Complete the ensemble with smart shoes like oxfords and loafers for a sophisticated work vibe. 

Going Out Or Dating:

Dress up a denim shirt for a night out or a date with black-tailored trousers. Pair with a blazer or blazer in complementary colors such as navy or gray to enhance the atmosphere. Pair with smart shoes such as Chelsea boots and brogues to complete your sleek and stylish look. 

Casual Summer Events:

For casual summer events, pair a denim shirt combination with white or light-colored shorts for a crisp, breezy look. Team it with boat shoes, canvas sneakers, and sandals to complete the casual-cool look. Keep in mind that these suggestions are just a starting point and you can always customize and experiment with different accessories, shoes, and layers to suit your own style and occasion.

Main Character Of Your Wardrobe

A denim shirt is considered to be the main character of your wardrobe as you can go for many looks with one piece of apparel. Also, denim shirts from Tistabene can be paired with any of the bottom wear and can give you a smart look in seconds. 

For a casual outfit, pair it with jeans or shorts for a relaxed and casual style. Perfect for weekends and casual gatherings. Pair with chinos or suit pants for a more elegant finish. This gives it a more elegant and sophisticated look, suitable for smart casual events and even the office. Layering is easy with a denim shirt. You can do a lot of looks with denim shirts. Making it layered with a casual tee or wearing it with denim shirts and many more. Color options are typically classic blue or edgy black. The denim shirt is a timeless style and a versatile piece. Hence, denim shirts from Tistabene can be buyed and worn for a great look. This is a must-have garment that adds style and versatility to any man's wardrobe.

Tistabene - One-Stop Destination For Denim Shirts

Tistabene is considered to be a one-stop destination for men’s apparel from which denim shirts are one of the best apparel collections. We’ve got you everything. Stle, classy look and fantastic dressing ideas which you can follow while styling a black denim shirt. It is versatile, timeless, and does not need many styling tips. All that you need is mentioned above and so you can rely on these tips completely. Buy denim shirts from Tistabene and style them with a smart look. Get set ready for the next casual as well as party look and rock your style game in minutes.