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The general perception is that men don't care what they wear. You can dress up in the dark as well with pants and shirts! Men are just as careful about what they wear as women. We are particular about trouser folds, shirt sleeve length, cuff width, collar shape, belt, socks, and shoes.

we've noticed that men are also judged by their looks, so it's best to make the right impression.

If you have the right style getting ready in the morning can be as easy as dipping a biscuit in the chai, but when endless options are available in the market which type of shirt you should stock in your wardrobe?

Choosing the right type of shirt for every occasion is just as important as having them in the first place. Bohemian shirts are not the place to put them in the office but they can turn out to be a hot mess on the beach. There are a lot of stylish shirts for men available in the market from which you have to decide which will suits you the most. 


Tired of wearing the same colors and dresses for big occasions and want to try something new? Looking for a way to bring your outfits to life? If your answer is YES, you've come to the right place and we get you covered. 

Prints are your go-to partner to elevate your style statement and break through the neutrals. It's the place to be. It's time for a whimsical addition of color, design, and florals to your wardrobe. Menswear styles and clothing patterns are constantly evolving, let it be casual shirts for men or formal shirts or let it be cotton shirt, every shirt for men are setting new fashion standards.

From relaxed workwear to athleisure to loungewear, printed shirts are firmly established as the latest trend. Paired with printed shirts, there are several ways to add a touch of luxury to your outfit. 

If you're not sure if you like polka dots, flowers, or stripes, we encourage you to experiment and decide for yourself which new trending shirt for men suits you most.


If you like sophisticated quirky designs above all else, geometric designs in a variety of colors can speak for you. Details and patterns help bring out your quirky personality. The prints can make an impression and so choose them wisely according to the occasion.

The best shirts for men are the perfect blend of style and comfort. A well-made shirt can last for years and finding a good designer shirt for men is a modern wardrobe secret. is also ideal. With the rise of design and aesthetics, modern shirt designs for men today are an exploration of a world of options and styles to explore and experiment with. These shirts feature whimsical prints, classic finishes, intricate details, and more. has evolved into a fashion statement A form-fitting shirt will give you a sharp and flattering look.

Ethnic Indian men’s clothes have a huge global market but now shirts do have. The ethnic vibe of kurtas is taken by Jaipuri printed shirts and they are very popular in the market.

Half-sleeve shirts for men with Jaipuri prints are available in the market, with a lot of prints and colors. They can be worn with a jogger set or cargo and can make you look good.


Shirts fall into formal, occasional, and casual wear categories. There is further sub-segmentation based on metropolitan and non-metropolitan pricing and buyer profiles. The shirting industry offers quality fabrics in a variety of designs and blends based on the latest fashion trends. 

In ready-to-wear shirts, shirting fabrics play a very important role. Fabric type is one of the key performance criteria in shaping the final garment. Shirt fabric is also an important criterion in selection and purchasing decisions. Fabric performance does not necessarily predict shirt performance, but the two are closely related as a shirt that meets aesthetic and functional performance expectations requires the right fabric. 

Shirt fabric standards are based on factors such as design, fashion trends, consumer preferences, price, and market profile. Fabrics empower men to choose the right fabrics to suit their lifestyles. Not only the colors and patterns of the fabrics but also dress shirts with different textures are available. Tistabene shopping; Make decisions based on both design and fabric

Through one of the most important parts of a man's wardrobe, men's shirts, you can do wonders for him. It helps you choose the right shirt style for casual, work, business, and other occasions, and with the right fit, right color, and pattern, you can be sure that it will flatter your man's figure and body. Also, shirts can rejuvenate boring suits. Details such as fabrics, patterns, collars, buttons, plackets, and cuffs are different one by one. 

Therefore, shirts do not have to be uniform and monotonous in shape, style, and print design. Even if two men wear the same shirt, the fit and style will differ depending on the man's body type, personality, and combination with other clothes such as suits. Men When their shirt is clean, neat, fresh, and well-fitting, it boosts confidence and comfort.


Colors like white, light blue, black, light pink, teal green, and some common colors suit everyone, try to wear them first and know the designs which are on them. Try formal designs at first and abstract, chevron, bohemian, and others later, you can try printed shirts for men a little later because sober designs help to know which colors suit you better. 

Try adding something with shirts be it denim jackets, varsity jackets, or something else which can make you look stylish. You can always choose Tistabene as your go-to partner as the collection of men’s stylish shirts and all the other clothing products for men are available there with offers and everything!

Stylish shirts are the most preferred among the audience. People love to try a new design, look, and colors for change and to be in the fashion trend.


Men started wearing shirts according to the occasion. There are a lot of options like formal shirts, block-printed shirts, abstract-printed shirts even plain shirts and men prefer them all.

2. What do men choose, professional or casual?

Men choose both of them. Stylish shirts for men are available in both categories, for offices and meetings they style themselves professionally, and for casual they wear quirky designs with unique colors. 

3. Can I wear block-printed shirts in the office?

Of course, you can! Block-printed shirts are new trending shirts for men and are available in many designs, patterns, and colors on Tistabene which can be worn on different occasions and in offices as well.

4. What can be teamed up with stylish shirts?

You can team up your shirt with trousers, jeans, a jogger set, pants, and even shorts. Everything will make you look good just mix and match the colors and wear them. You can always count on a good pair of shoes or sneakers to add a bit of a cool fun look.

5. Which fabric is most chosen for shirts?

Cotton is the priority for men when it comes to regular or office-wear shirts because cotton shirts keep you cool and are breathable and comfiest, so cotton is the most preferred fabric for shirts.

6. Is pattern shirt a new fashion trend?

Printed shirts for men with unique designs and patterns are in trend now. Men use to wear them everywhere except formal wear.