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Contemporary Pendants for Men


The pendant is an ornament, which is suspended from another piece of men's jewellery such as bracelet, earring, necklace, neck chain, etc. Pendants take a variety of shapes including lockets, amulets, gems, pearls, etc. Usually, pendants are made detachable so that they can be used with different necklaces or on a variety of occasions. You’ll be surprised to know that pendants are derived from the practice of wearing amulets or mascot around the neck.

If you think pendants are predominantly an ornament of women, then Tistabene has some interesting collection to offer you. It has an exclusive range of pendants such as ethnic, modern, style icon and religious. You can buy pendants online in multiple colours, design theme, material, plating, collection, etc. at affordable prices. 

Pick a contemporary stylish stainless steel pendant for traditional style. If you are heading out to attend college, you can choose black design round disc mens pendant.  

As men have become cautious about their accessories, so a careful selection of pendants will add charisma to their personality. At Tistabene - Indian online jewellery store, you can buy pendants for men that will help in creating a unique style statement. 

Find mens pendants in India through Tistabene; experience the true essence of jewellery for men with a traditional, classy accessory par excellence

You can pick up your kind of mens pendant and get them delivered conveniently, right to your doorstep.