What Is Affiliate? 


Tistabene has giving you the opportunity to join the Refer and Earn program and expand your earnings to maximum. Get 10% commission by referring our products to your audience, friends and family and earn with no limit. 

Way To Become An Affiliate


Join Tistabene’s Refer and Earn Program and Earn maximum.


Share the products with your audience, friends and family.


Have the opportunity to earn 10% commission on your audience’s purchase.


💸Benefits Of Being An Affiliate

  1. Work from anywhere
  2. Maximum earnings
  3. No fixed working hours
  4. 10% commission 
  5. Customers of your own choice

🤝How To Join Tistabene As An Affiliate?🤝

1. Create an Affiliate account at Tistabene: 

The signUp process is simple and free. Click on the link https://tistab.goaffpro.com/ and signUp.

2. Complete your profile details: 

Complete the profile by filling your full Name, Age, Address, Gender, Email, and other general information.

3. Complete your KYC process:

The KYC process includes ID card verification such as PAN card. Enter the PAN card number.

4. Fill the Bank account details:

Fill your Account number, IFSC code, Branch name and other asked details.You’ll get a referral code after completing your profile. You can soon after take part in Tistabene’s Refer and Earn program. 


  • The earnings will be transferred in your bank account after the completion of the return policy, i.e. 30 days.
  • The earnings will not be transferred if your audience returns the product.
  • The earnings will be transferred after having the threshold of minimum 1000 Rs. in your bank account.
  • 10% TDS will be deducted at the time of transfer.
  • There is no commission for self referral.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does it work?

Tistabene Refer to Earn program has a simple working. After Signing up for your account, you’ll get a referral code that can be shared among your audience. If someone buys anything using your referral code you’ll get a 10% commission on that particular order value. The money will be transferred to your bank account after the completion of the return policy date, i.e. 30 days.

Q2. How much do I have to pay to join the program?

There is no joining fee. You can Sign up at free of cost to Tistabene Refer and Earn program.

Q3. Do I get referral fees on all purchases made by the user?

Yes, you’ll get the referral fees as a 10% commission on your audience’s purchase order value after the completion of the return policy, i.e. 30 days.

Q4. How can I be considered for this program?

There are no particular criteria to join Tistabene’s Refer to Earn program, you just need to have a website or wide network to promote Tistabene's product.