Wondering How This Diwali Going To Be Different From Others!

This festive season be the reason to smile, give the smile to someone, and get the blessing in return. Tistabene is doing its part this festive season by feeding the poor and putting smiles and happiness on the faces of millions of people.
So be the part & make someone happy with your purchase!!!

Your One Effort Can Surely make it happen!


Did you know that Up to 811 million people — about 10% of the world's population — regularly go to bed hungry and about 189.2 million people are undernourished in India.
approximately 4500 children die every day under the age of five years in the country due to hunger and malnutrition
दो वक़्त रोटी मिलने के लिए भी कितनी किस्मत चाहिए,
कभी उनसे पूछो जो रातों को भूखा सोते है !!
Suna hai khushiya batne se badti hai, to is diwali kuch acha krte hai khudke sath dusro ka bi pet barte hai.
Join us in the #हरपेटआहार initiative and let us bring hope to the hopeless

Join with Us!!!


1. What is the goal of this camapign #हरपेटआहार

 Goal of this campaign is every simply that no one sleeps in hunger this festive season, everyone has a smile on their face, for that pupose Tistabene is serving every needy or the one who wants food.

2. At which location the food is distributed?

Food is distributed everywhere in jaipur, Rajasthan.

3. How can I make contribution?

This Month let's take a pledge to defeat hunger.
Help us to share a meal with everyone who is in need. Certain amount of the revenue generated by your purchase  will be contributed towards #हरपेटआहार
Together we can bring the change

4. What percentage of my contribution goes to the cause?

Your every purshase is directly linked with contribution you are makink to success of this campaign. So kindly support.