Every Man's personality is reflected  by the way they wear or carry their clothes. If you want to make your first impression a long lasting one, make sure it gets reflected  by the clothes you wear. Your clothes speak your profession, if you are an entrepreneur, a working man, or a businessman, etc. all is figured out from the way you style and wear your clothes.

When it comes to having a piece of clothing that is both versatile and comfortable. Our mind without a second thought thinks about shirts. 

Shirts are a staple piece of clothing item which surely belongs in every man’s wardrobe. They can be styled with different bottom wears and help you in achieving your desired look. From printed shirts for men, to solid shirts, to patterned ones and so on, are there in the market. 

Tips to remember while buying a shirt

We all know that a shirt can really enhance your look or put off your entire look. So we really do need a perfect shirt for every occasion. But for that one needs to remember some points in order to get a perfect fitting shirt. 

  • Know your body type:
  • It is really important to know what your size is. If you are someone who goes with buying a ‘S’ size shirt, it is not promised that you will get your exact size. While buying shirts online it is really important to check the size chart correctly. As different brands have different size chats, that may alter your size. Hence before buying a shirt pay close attention to the size of it. 

  • Don't be in a hurry to follow the trend:
  • If you are someone who loves to follow the trends, you can follow them, but understand them carefully before following. 

    Let's suppose your friend bought an embroidered shirts for men, and you wish to have the same shirt inside your wardrobe. Remember to make sure if it will look good on you or not. Just because it is suiting him, it will suit you as well. Hence checkout nicely before buying anything.

  • Choose the fabric wisely:
  • It is really important to choose the fabric of your shirts nicely before buying them.  If you purchased cotton checks shirts during winter, do you think you will be able to wear them? No! Of course, they will be kept aside the whole winters till summers arrive. 

    Hence go for fabrics according to the seasons and occasions.

  • Check the collars before you buy a shirt:
  • It is really important to check the collars before buying a shirt. You wont like to choke yourself with a tight collar shirt. Go for such stylish shirts for men which have easy and breathable collars on them. 

    Well! Above are some tips you can follow while buying a comfortable shirt. But now the question is what are the types of shirts that are required in a man’s wardrobe. 

    Not to worry about this as well, Tistabene has got it clear for all you men. You can now have their ‘must haves’ inside your closet, to make it more stylish.

    5 must have shirts in your wardrobe

    • Solid Shirts:

    Dark Grey Self Weave Full Sleeves Wool Finish Shirt

    If you are someone who wants a stylish wardrobe but not sure where to start from. Then these stylish shirts for men are definitely for you. Remember to do something bold, start with the basics. These solid shirts from Tistabene are such a must to have. They are basics yet stylish. You can create a casual as well as a formal look from them, when paired with the right bottom wear.

    They are available in so many different colors just so that you can add a pop of color to your wardrobe. 

    • Block print shirts for men

    Red Block Printed Half Sleeves Cotton Shirt

    These Rajasthani printed shirts for men are definitely a must to have inside everyman’s wardrobe. These shirts are made using hand block process, which has been practised in Rajasthan from the past 500 years. If you pair them with neutral color pants or trousers, you can rock your look easily.

    These beautiful Rajasthani printed shirts for men definitely need a space inside your wardrobe and while shopping from Tistabene you can make it easy. They are so comfortable yet so stylish.

    • Embroidered shirts:

    Embroidered Blue Cotton Shirt

    We all know embroideries are so crazy these days. Be it on shirts or kurtas all are liked equally. Men have been into such shirts a lot lately. To make you all aware about it Tistabene has one of the best collections of embroidered shirts for men. They are available in different colors and so many different options. If you want to make you look a bit more stylish simply wear such shirts under neutral color pants .

    These shirts, honestly, are the ones your wardrobe has been longing for quite a time now. 

    • Printed shirts:

    Khaki Miniature Camel Printed Shirt

    Who doesn't like to be a showstopper of any event they go to? How about we tell you that these printed shirts for men will definitely make you one. These shirts are so best for events like parties, hangouts, night outs, trips, etc. Just pair them with the right bottom wear that perfectly contrasts with the color of the shirt. Surely, you will look so smart and dapper. The best part of these shirts are that they are comfortable and classy. 

    • Checks print

    Multi Checks Full Sleeves Flannel Cotton Shirt

    Mark your prints wherever you go with these beautiful checks shirts. They will look so perfect for creating any minimal casual look. You can even opt for these shirts for a party, or for a casual date, for trips, hangouts and so on. Checks print shirts give you a graceful look when paired with the right pair of jeans. 

    How Tistabene makes you look stunning in their shirts.

    As we all know shirts are a versatile piece of clothing inside our wardrobe, hence we need them to be perfect. Tistabene provides you with the best quality materials used to make these shirts. They will fit you perfectly, and are definitely available in different colors, prints and patterns for everyone. 

    Tistabene is one of the best online sites for all kinds of men’s apparels. They definitely have such products that are affordable and stylish. Tistabene should definitely be your one stop destination for shopping online.