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History: From Where Did Sanganeri Printed Shirts Come From?

Printing, like weaving, is done almost everywhere in the world. Evidence for printed fabrics dates back to 2500 BC. Block printing of solid colors on clothing is an art form that has been practiced for centuries, and the practice was so widespread in India that printed fabrics were exported thousands of years ago. 
Block printing is now upgraded and evolved into two more methods as screen printing as well as digital printing. A few years ago, India and China were thought to be among the first countries to use block printing on clothing. The process of using blocks to print vibrant, bold prints onto fabrics is simple. 
Block printing has evolved into art because it brings out stunning designs. Sanganeri is a hand-printing technique that originated in Sanganeri Village and now updated itself into more categories, in Rajasthan. Although it is a mostly old method of block printing, it is still used today and has an important place in the textile industry.

What Are Sanganeri Printed Shirts?

Sanganeri printed shirts for men are of three different types. The oldest one is hand-block printed which is in trend now as well but two more categories have joined Sanganeri printed shirts which are digitally printed shirts and screen-printed shirts.

a) What Is Hand-Block Printing-

Hand-block printed shirts also known as Jaipuri printed shirts are the oldest method which has a complete process that is followed and it takes a little time in printing as compared to the other two methods. The procedure which is followed during the hand-block printing method is:

Hand block printing is done on a plane table so that the designs are engraved properly on the cloth without any mess. Before engraving the designs, the cloth is washed with the help of boiling water. Once you are done washing the cloth the places are drawn on the cloth with the help of chalk as it helps in engraving the designs. After that wooden blocks with designs are dipped in natural or vegetable dyes (dyes which are extracted naturally from vegetables or fruits). The prints are then engraved on the cloth and once the designs are done the next process is drying. The cloth is dried naturally under the sun to make sure that the dyes do not spread and make their mark on each other. The next process is washing the printed cloth as the designs are been engraved but they are not fixed properly on the cloth to make sure that they don’t create a mess. The cloth goes through a lot of steaming and an exclusive boiler process to make the ink fix and fabric ready for the customers.

Whereas digitally printed fabric and screen fabric are different from this process as it is done by machines. 

B) What Is Screen Printing-

The most used method used for printing decorative apparel is the screen printing method. This printing method is followed and used for many years. The surface of the fabric is covered with ink which is applied using several screens and then the fabric is heated to dry the ink. Although the quality and methods have upgraded and all thanks to technology but the basic idea didn’t change and people genuinely admire and use it. 

C) What Is Digital Printing-

 In the past two decades, digital printing has upgraded greatly. 

Using the "process" method, digital printing creates a variety of colors using only 4 or 6 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, red, and green). A digital printing device is simply a large-scale inkjet printer, comparable to the one you could have in your home office but made specifically for printing on clothing like T-shirts.

Each year, this process becomes faster than before, more affordable, and pocket-friendly, and the print quality also improved. The majority of the initial problems have been solved, and digital printing is now widely used and favored.

Beauty Of Sanganeri Printed Shirts

sanganeri print shirts are the real beauty of apparel as they are made using a lot of unique designs and colors and so is the fabric. The designs are uniquely selected and then the prints are made. As mentioned above Sanganeri printed shirts are made using three different methods i.e. hand block printing method, digitally printed method, and screen printing method and all these methods differ from each other. You can get all these shirts and especially the block printed shirts online. You can pair these beautiful Sanganeri printed shirts with much bottom wear such as jogger sets, cargo, formal pants, denim jeans, shorts, and much more bottom wear.

Pro tip: pair them with the right footwear to get a stylish look. Select the look according to the bottom wear as formal goes with formal and casual with casual when worn in the same place.

Unique Designs and Colors

Sanganeri printed shirts have a lot of unique designs and colors available on the Tistabene online shopping portal. The collection of unique designs and colors is attractive to the audience. They love the collection and categories which are in Sanganeri printed shirts. These shirts are in trend now and people love to wear them. Gone were the days when men used to wear solid shirts or stripe shirts to style themselves but Sanganeri printed shirts for men, available in both casual as well as in formal ways. 

You can style those shirts as an overcoat as well. Try wearing them in both the ways casual as well as formal. You can always wear them in place of embroidered shirts for men.

Sanganeri Printed Shirts on Tistabene

You can have your favorite shirts online from Tistabene: An online shopping portal at pocket-friendly prices and in unique designs as you get the Sanganeri printed shirts for men in Jaipur now. You can always rely on Tistabene in the matter of apparel as Tistabene gives you a lot of designs and color options at an affordable and pocket-friendly price, not just only sanganeri print shirts or hand-block printed shirts but many more categories in top wear as well as in bottom wear. You can also get the fabric from there and make it customized according to you. They have a lot of color and design options available from which you can choose your favorite.