Tistabene is a one-stop destination for mens apparel. The best thing about us is that we care for our customers. Be it about offers or about something else what comes on first for us is our audience. We love them the most and so we got something very interesting this time for you. Now you can be in the limelight with Tistabene. Want to know how? Read on to find out the steps which you need to follow.

Step-1: Shop From Tistabene And Change Your Style Game Like A Pro

Shop From Tistabene

Shopping from Tistabene is always a fun task to do. You have a lot of offers to enjoy and deals to grab on. Tistabene has a wide variety of ranges from which you can use your favorite. 

Now who doesn’t want to change their fashion game after all? Everyone wants to express themselves and fashion is something that gives people the medium to reveal their personality and tell people who they are. 

Tistabene is one of the platforms through which you can do a makeover to your wardrobe and style the apparel to look like a game changer. 

Step-2: Wear Our Iconic Piece And Share Your Astonishing Photo On Instagram

Shop From Tistabene & Share Your Image With Us

Style the apparel or outfit which you brought from Tistabene and style them in your way. The best way to style yourself is to try some mixing and matching processes or color combinations. Wearing something by trying mixing and matching is the way that gives you the idea of wearing something out of the box. 

Mixing the patterns and colors together to give out a completely different look is also a great way to style yourself in a different. You can try a lot of ways to style yourself to look amazing and different at the same time. 

After styling yourself click perfect photos and share those photos on your Instagram stories for the next step

Step-3: Tag Us @tistabene And Use #beingtista To Become A Member Of Our Family

Tag Us At Instagram

We would love to have you as our family member. For Tistabene it is always their customers who come first and everything later on. What matters to us the most is the love that you give to us and so we are here to return a part of it. You are so very important and so we are giving you the big opportunity to be our family member.

Want to know how? Here it is. For the photos which you’ve clicked after wearing the apparel from Tistabene, upload them on Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #beingtista. 

This is the best moment for you to be a part of our family. Grab the moment and seize it with Tistabene and for Tistabene. 

Step-4: We Will Feature You On Our Social Media And Return Your Love

Our Happy Customer

Not just you but your love is also very important to us. The next and last step will give you the limelight and all the focus. When you tag us by uploading your photo on your social media handle we will feature you on our social media and that’s where the game starts.

You will be getting all the limelight from Tistabene- the one-stop destination for men’s apparel stores. 

This is a very big opportunity to look out for. Participate in this and get the spotlight with Tistabene.

Finishing Up:

This is something very big that we are offering to our audience in the form of a return gift for all the love they give to us. Thank you for always choosing tistabene and this time we choose you. We are choosing you to be the spotlight of Tistabene. Don’t miss the chance and enjoy the activity. 

We have mentioned all the steps which you need to follow. Shop the apparel from Tistabene, and style them in your signature style by adding an amazing loo of yours to it. Click the best photo by making some poses for a stylish and classy vibe. The lat step is uploading it on your Instagram handle by tagging us and using the hashtag #beingtista. We will feature you on our Instagram handle and give you all the spotlight.

Don't miss the chance to grab the limelight and become the part of Tistabene family #beingtista