Have you ever imagined that military pants can make fashion and trends on fire like that? This happened with military pants, sometimes known as cargo pants.

After making their debut on the fashion scene in the 1990s, they became well-known as the representatives of rap culture and street style. Men’s casual cargo pants are in trend now and people are following them like a pro. When you think of them, you undoubtedly see these athletic-style trousers with side pockets, an elastic band at the ankles, and neutral colors like beige, khaki, and black. But, they are presently adjusting to various styles and reliving a new spring.


Dark Blue Cargo Pants

The cargo pants are recognized as the longest pocket pant. In an actual way cargo pant was made for British soldiers so that they can carry a lot of items in their pocket including a map and other items. The concept then started to be copied. Cargo pants for men came from there and now became an important part of fashion and trends.

Some people will be astonished to learn that cargo pants were more developed for functionality than for fashion. These cargo pants, however, were very different from what we wear today because they only had a patch pocket that could hold a limited number of a soldier's essentials. The American version of cargo pants had two front pockets as opposed to the British military's one. The additional pocket provided more room for carrying stuff because the trousers were made for paratroopers.

Due to the growing popularity of hip-hop, cargo pants for men quickly entered the streetwear category. In the early 2000s, cargo pants for men were a prominent style in clothing. In the 2020s, they experienced a surge in popularity.


Light Blue Cargo Pants

Cargo trousers are one of those items of clothing that are universally flattering due to their soft lines, high waist, and thoughtfully placed side pockets. Hey, congrats if you've always admired this outfit but weren't sure if it will fit.

Finally, you can take advantage of the comfort and adaptability of these trousers. Tistabene cargo pants are full of comfort and are available in different sized, pick one for you and pull yourself into it to enjoy the comforting-style look. 

Guidelines to follow  for your cargo pants for men:

POCKETS: Make sure the pockets are not located in a place that highlights your body organs that you don’t wants to. For instance, if you'd rather not draw attention to your hips, stay away from the ones with big pockets there.

ELASTIC BAND: Elastic bands at the bottom make your legs tends to be thin and shorter so if you are small in size or want to make your legs look a little longer go for a straight one and not with the elastic bands.

WAIST: The higher the waist, similar to regular pants or jeans, the more your men’s casual cargo pants will be highlighted. While selecting your cargo pants, pay attention to the waist style that best accentuates the shape of your body.

PROPORTION: Avoid going overboard with the big stuff, especially if you aren't particularly tall. If the fit of the trousers is loose and comfortable, attempt to complement it with a tighter top on the upper body.

Tistabene got you every type of cargo pants of your choice. Wear them and feel stylish.


An example of a product that frequently attracts attention is a pair of cargo pants. You might want to wear them every day because they are so comfortable on top of everything else. Who says a pair of men’s casual cargo pants can't be stylish?

These are some listed below which can be followed by styling the cargo pants:


If you didn't think you could wear cargo pants to work, reconsider! A basic and straightforward outfit that is ideal for wearing to work is cargo pants as wear them with basic colors of formal shirts and pair them with straight cargo pants.

The outfit will make you look amazing. Wear this outfit when you are bored by carrying a formal look straight for so many days. The outfit will get you a lot of compliments.


Solid Light Lemon Mens Cargo Pants

Casual occasion and outfit means you can wear anything by mixing and matching the apparel. When you can wear comfortable casual pants for men why you are getting uncomfortable and wearing tight clothes to look stylish? Wear cargo pants and pair them with any of the casual wear to have a great and stylish look.

Pair the Tistabene’s cargo pants with a tee or abstract printed shirt to have a stylish look. 


Pale Blue Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are something that suits every style and make the person look amazing and a fashionista. If you are new to this trend and are afraid will it suit you or not, then trust me you are going to rock the look. Cargo pants are a common choice for men to pair with jeans. Nonetheless, the majority of them reserve their baggage for activities like hanging out or hiking.

Yet, if you have the correct fashion tricks at your disposal, you can travel anywhere in your comfortable cargo trousers. Military jackets look great with casual pants for men. The first two steps are the style and pattern of the cargo but don't discount its fabric. Also stylish are cargo pants with prints. They go well with shirts in a variety of hues and designs.


As discussed above cargo pants are the best wear for men. You can style them with any of the top wear and get the exact same look you are craving or searching for. The things which you should take care of while buying cargo pant is the pocket type, the edges, the fit, the color, the fabric, the elastic at the bottom, and other things which you take care of.

Take care of pairing the casual pants for men with the right top wear and you are ready to rock your look no matter what the occasion is. You can always rely on Tistabene cargo pants for a great look.