Tistabene is all about styling yourself with the best. Who doesn’t want to style with a great look? Who doesn’t have the need for office wear dresses? Office wear or professional wear dresses are important to have as they carry you to the office and make you look elegant.

Wearing the right type of apparel at places is important as you cannot wear a floral printed shirt in the office, same as you can also not wear a blazer and formal pants to the beach. The golden rule to dressing is to mix and match. But when it comes to subtleness in the office, you need to dress up properly.

Here are some stylish shirts for men which you can try for formal wear and have a great look. So, let’s have the look at these shirts:


While there is a wide variety of shirts suitable for the office and formal occasions, trend and style can often be a factor. To help, we've compiled a list of trendy shirt designs that you can count on when looking for formal or professional attire.


embroidered shirts for men

Embroidered shirts are a beauty to wear. They make these shirts so beautifully, with intricate embroidery and craftsmanship. Embroidered shirts when paired with formal pants look good on everyone. Embroidered shirts are often men's first choice and attraction because they look subtle, plain yet stylish, and easy to pair with different outfits.

Embroidered shirts do not have a particular audience as anyone can wear them and style themselves with an elegant look. Tistabene’s stylish shirts are amazing, to be honest. Our embroidered shirts for men are so pretty and suit everyone. Try them once and enjoy the stylish look every time.


checks shirts

Check printed shirts with blocks of every size look great when paired with formal pants. If you’ll ask anyone about formal wear the first thing they’ll recommend is a check shirt. That doesn’t mean that it’s a common outfit. That’s preferable but the blocks save you.

The size of the block comes from minimal to big. You can mix and match the colors and patterns to have a great look. You can go for jeans as well for a change of look. Check shirt looks amazing while wearing.


best striped shirt

Striped shirts are shirts with vertical or horizontal line prints. The stripe can be from minimal size to big size. The colors and pattern of the striped shirt can make the whole look better. Everyone ranging from their school to university and office wears striped shirts as they look amazing. They also make you look smart.

You can customize your look by wearing different colors so that you can make your signature color as well.Your shirt can be a factor by which people judge you, but it can also make you look smart. So, the choice is all yours.  You can add striped shirts for men to your list of professional or formal outfits and check it off.


Mehroon Dobby Self Shirt

People often consider solid shirts to be the most decent outfit, and it's commonly advised to wear them if you feel like you're running out of clothes. You don’t have anything to wear. You can always go for a solid shirt with any of the hues according to the pants’ color.

You can even wear your favourite colors to have a great look with confidence as well. You can also rely on shirts like these for events such as semi-formal office parties. Try to change the bottom wear if you need to go a little semi-formal with stylish shirts for men from Tistabene.


printed shirts for men

Minimal printed shirts with a little print on them be it a print of a leaf or a flower, Rajasthani printed shirts or anything which is simple yet gives an impact. If you want to go for a semi-casual look you can pair the formal pants with different colors to set contrast and make the look more stylish. You can wear minimal-printed shirts with jeans and casual shoes to achieve a perfect look.. You can also go for little big prints and formal pants to set the semi-formal look.


Many online sites sell shirts that are reliable for formal or professional wear. Shirts like best striped shirts, check printed shirts, or many others which give some professional or formal vibe are available online on many sites. But the question is which one site that you can trust completely? The answer to this simple question is Tistabene.

Tistabene is a one-stop destination for men’s apparel. So, we are the best site to buy stylish shirts from. If you think you don’t have perfect bottom wear to add to it. You can go for some formal pants, jeans, cargo, and any other bottom wear. Pair the outfit with perfect footwear to rock your look and look like a fashionista.

Wearing shirts correctly can make you look amazing, whether you're at the office, attending formal occasions, or enjoying casual events.