Have you ever wondered, what else you can wear rather than a funky printed shirt to look cool? Then t-shirts can be your go-to partner. T-shirts are for every occasion. According to their style and prints. Certainly, these days men are becoming more fashionable and setting new trends. They are trying out new styles to look trendier.

Have you tried something rather than basic fashion trends? If not, then you should try something new and cool. These are some t-shirts for men listed below. you should have in your wardrobe, but before that, some factors should be there in a t-shirt:

Factors to consider

  • NECKLINE: The neckline should be soft and smooth and should not endure your neck’s movement. 
  • FIT: The fit of the t-shirt should be perfect. the t-shirt should give a comfortable vibe while working, no matter if it is a funky t-shirt for men, or a regular fit t-shirt.
  • SLEEVES: The sleeve of the t-shirt should be perfectly fitted according to the type of t-shirt. 

Here are some t-shirts from Tistabene that you should have in your wardrobe:



Imagine you are on a night out with your friends, and they all are enjoying and having fun, but your attention is on your half sleeves t-shirt mens. As the t-shirt is not comfortable and does not give you softness while wearing. What will you do? You’ll never wear the t-shirt again, right? But the tie and dye t-shirt from Tistabene is soft, comfortable, and stylish.

You can wear them on any occasion for the ultimate softness. You’ll never feel uncomfortable while wearing the soft tie and die half-sleeve t-shirt from the Tistabene collection.



How frequently do you appreciate a certain type of clothing, but only have a limited number of ways to wear and style it?

If you're the stylishly comfy type, you've probably fallen in love with giant t-shirts. As oversized t-shirts make you feel comfortable and functional.

Oversized t-shirts or baggy t-shirts are a new fashion now. Not only t-shirts but a lot of baggy clothes be it hoodies, sweatshirts, cargo, shirts, and a lot more things are in fashion. baggy clothes look extremely amazing while wearing. You can style an oversized half-sleeve t-shirt man with cargo pants, or denim and wear them on casual outings, on a date, in offices, while traveling, and in a lot more places.



Mandarin men’s t-shirt with collar half sleeve can make you whole suited up and can add dimension to your style. You can wear the t-shirt with blazers, jackets, and normally by pairing them with amazing bottoms. Footwear also plays an important role while styling your look.


t-shirts for men

This is one of the must-have t-shirts in your wardrobe. As a funky t-shirt or printed t-shirt speaks up your personality nicely without your words. There are t-shirts with some text written on them. You can count on these t-shirts for flaunting them in casual events.

Graphically printed t-shirts are also said to be funky t-shirts as the print of the t-shirt makes you look cool. You can pair those t-shirts with some cool cargo pants for men or chinos to have the best of your look. Wear them in colleges on any casual occasion to have a classy vibe and all heads up to you.


Polo T-shirts

The classic polo t-shirt is the best thing when it comes to styling as formal wear, casual wear, or activewear you can always rely on a polo t-shirt. These are men’s t-shirt with collar half sleeves which make you look classy while wearing them.

The polo t-shirt from Tistabene’s collection is comfortable. The t-shirts are made with cotton fabric which makes it soft and comfortable while wearing. You can wear the polo t-shirt in offices with formal pants, trousers, or chinos or casually with cargo pants, denim jeans, or shorts to look more amazing in both looks. 


solid t-shirt

Before coming to the tips of how to style a solid regular fit t-shirt? You should know the difference between classic fit. Regular fit and slim-fit t-shirt. A regular-fit t-shirt is a loose-fit t-shirt that is comfortable and a little loose. While a classic fit is a little tight but not as tight as a slim-fit t-shirt.

A slim-fit t-shirt is also said to be a body-fit t-shirt, which is basically for people who have bulky bodies. Tistabene’s collection has comfortable solid regular fit half sleeves t-shirt mens. T-shirts are soft and have a wide range of colors, from which you can choose your favorite.


 T-shirts for men are always a good choice for almost every occasion. Be it a date or a get-together with friends, a t-shirt is the right dress to wear. Men’s t-shirt with collar half sleeves is even better. Try to wear t-shirts with comfortable fabric and stylish designs. You can always rely on Tistabene’s collection for beautifully printed, and solid casual tees and t-shirts for an amazing look.