Do you love to shop online? Of course, you do as online shopping has always been a fun and exciting task as you get all the comfort while buying the product in no time. Online shopping plays an important role in solving many people’s problems as you can sit back at home and order a Bandhani dupatta from Jaipur and chaniya choli from Ahmedabad in no time but the checkout procedure takes a little time and makes the whole online shopping a hectic thing. Do you feel the same? We got your back then!

Tistabene is a one-stop solution for men’s apparel. As men no longer rely on their two outfits for every occasion and Tistabene helps people to follow the latest fashion trends and dress contemporarily to make the right impression of you on others. 

Tistabene knows how hectic it is while checking out a product and so Tistabene brought you a simple checkout solution- “GoKwik” that helps you to check out your product as quickly as adding the product to the cart. 

GoKwik is a shopping solution that helps an e-commerce website on the internet while checking out the product. Now the process of checking out is fastened up from Tistabene as the Shopify checkout procedure is replaced with GoKwik.

The GoKwik checkout solution reduces the checkout time and this is why GoKwik came into the role.


  • OTP SYSTEM: An OTP of a four-digit number is sent to the person who enters the mobile number so that your mobile number gets verified and the address gets fetched automatically if you have entered the same address on another website too. OTP system helps save time and fasten up the checkout process. 

  • MODES OF PAYMENT: GoKwik provides you with a number of payment modes be it cash on delivery, EMI option, UPI payments, Card payments, and net banking so, you can choose any payment method according to your preference.

  • DEALS AND DISCOUNTS: who doesn’t like to have deals and discounts after all? Everyone gets excited when it comes to deals, isn’t it? Of Course, and so when it comes to customer happiness Tistabene does not compromise. Along with making sure that your products reach you in a short period of time Tistabene also provides you with an extra 10% off on UPI payments. 


  • OTP SYSTEM: Who doesn’t want their product delivered rapidly? Not you right? So, entering the correct mobile number helps the company to make sure that your product reaches you safely and fast.

  • MODE OF PAYMENTS: Mode of payment helps customers to get all the payment methods in one place like cash on delivery, EMI option, UPI payments, Card payments, and net banking. Modes of payment bind the customers and help customers to have favorable payment methods according to their preferences.

  • UPI: GoKwik helped Tistabene to follow the recent trends. Nowadays people use the UPI method at every place and you are one of them. We are pretty sure so, Tistabene gives you 10% off on online orders.


    GoKwik is a shopping solution and GoKwik helps customers and the company in many ways. GoKwik is the easiest shopping solution to try on and check out the product quickly. The benefits of GoKwik are written above which can be tried and favored off.